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An Expiration Day on Prayer? Posted 3.06.2015

The month of in-home prayer gatherings has passed.  I was incredibly blessed and encouraged in those twenty-eight days.  I am hearing stories that you were as well.  I’d love to hear those stories so send me an email or something so that we can share the stories together.  David Gulino shared a “prayer story” with me a couple of weeks ago.  It wasn’t specifically about the prayer gatherings (which we are certainly going to do again) but about the emphasis on prayer in February.


Dave’s paternal grandmother was tiny in stature, but a giant in the faith.  He credits her with laying down the spiritual groundwork that has sustained him throughout his life.  And if you don’t know Dave, he’s getting up there.  Gracefully, of course.  But this emphasis on prayer got him to thinking, thinking of his diminutive grandmother and the power of prayer.


One example he vividly remembers is that one of grandmother’s children never surrendered his life to Christ.  Through the years she shared Christ (some might say “lecture” – Dave’s words, not mine) and prayed without ceasing for her son.  In spite of her prayers, Uncle Sam (to Dave) never came to Christ.  He resisted the gospel even though he regularly attended church.  This is actually not that uncommon, is it?  There are many who attend church, even regularly, but who come for the social interaction and good feelings church provides.


Dave’s grandmother eventually passed away.  Her son, Sam, did not know Jesus as Savior.


But that is not the end of the story, of course.  And here we discover an important lesson about prayer.  After mom when to be with Jesus, Sam was transformed by the Savior.  He came to know Jesus.  And he not only surrendered his life to Christ, but he became a strong Christian, actively involved in the ministry of his church.  The faith took root in his life.


Sam passed away a few years ago, and I’m sure there was one amazing family reunion as mother and son met somewhere together on the other side.


That is one great story, but we shouldn’t miss the lesson.  The lesson that so impressed Dave and left me something to chew on as well.  One of the things, which can encourage us as we pray today, is that in the economy of God, there is no expiration date on prayer.  Mom prayed and prayed and prayed.  She faithfully told of the faith necessary to forgive sin.  But she died.  And Sam was not walking with God.


But God.


God still heard those decades of faithful prayers by one small spiritual giant.  And God was not yet done with Sam.  He heard those mother’s prayers and continued by His grace to be active in Sam’s life.  So don’t get discouraged as you pray.  Just because the answer might delay, God is listening and God is working.  There is no expiration date on prayer.  So stay faithful in it.  Even after you’ve joined Sam and his mom in glory – God will be at work.  Oh the power of prayer, it goes even beyond the grave.


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