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Another Banner Event Posted 5.02.2015

I have been quite honest that the last couple of weeks have been an emotional roller coaster.  Lots of tears.  It continued on Sunday with one amazing service of worship together.  To celebrate the Waxe New Testament was such a special time that I’ve been reliving those moments and the faithfulness of God over and over and over again in my mind.  With fewer and fewer tears, I’m thrilled to report.




Another roller coaster is upon me.  Lord, let it stop!  Just when I was coming out my Waxe emotions, I face an event which will, no doubt, have stirred up a tear or two already.  I’m considering an investment in Kleenex stock.  But this weekend, the tears will be highly personal – and not church related.  You can be grateful.


Yesterday, the last of the Welch children strolled across a platform to the strains of “Pomp and Circumstance.”  Our final college degree has been awarded. The long trek up the mountain of college has officially come to an end.  It’s surreal, to be honest.  I’m sure I was dropping them off at our preschool not all that long ago. (So their amazing academic success ought to raise the profile of our little preschool, right?)  Signups are currently open for the next school term, by the way.

But if Danny is graduating from college, that means that there are a bunch of Peninsula students graduating from college in the next couple of months.  Four years ago there was quite a celebration as his class all graduated from high school and ventured out into the world.  So I do take comfort that my emotions will find some great company.


With our last child completing his formal education, there is a bit of a phase-of-life challenge in our home.  Tears surrounded by some mediating joy.  College expenses are over.  No more FAFSA’s.  No more moving in and out of dorms.  No more guilt as dad travels to Uganda while mom moves the kids back to school.  Again.


The tears this weekend will be tears not of joy.  Nor of sorrow.  But, just like with the Waxe, they will be tears of gratitude to a very faithful God.  Raising kids is exhausting.  Exhilarating.  Experimental, at times.  But there is nothing like it.  Nothing brings such joy or challenge in the same five minutes.  Nothing.  And now it is all history.  Well, sort of.


As the noise and the chaos and the arguments are replaced with silence and peace, parenting really isn’t over.  I still wonder where they are and what they are doing and if they are safe.  Just like those preschool days.  But now I cannot exert my will to guarantee outcomes.  Those were the days!


So as a whole bunch of us parents face the prospect of college graduation this season, give thanks to God for the many years of His faithful grace.  Shed a tear.  Or two.  Enjoy the extra money.  And keep praying for God’s direction in the lives of our kids.  That must never change.  They will always need a mom and dad’s prayer.  Always.


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