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Another View on Homosexuality Posted 6.28.2013

It has been a rough couple of weeks for those with biblical convictions.  The media has celebrated Alan Chambers’ announcement that Exodus International has closed. Exodus International was involved in trying to re-orient gay people and make them straight.  Christopher Yuan reacted, “I have never been involved in such therapy, but I do know of Christ’s atoning love that radically changed my life. I do know of a changed life living not according to my proclivities, but according to His standard. I do know of a changed life from a drug addict to someone who has been sober for over a decade. I do know of a changed life from living as an openly gay man, to one who is living a life of celibacy. I do know of a life changed from one who disrespected and dishonored my parents to one who now ministers together with my parents. Christ’s atoning love has changed my life.”


We can make marriage the issue, and not holiness in our lives. In today’s culture, singleness is viewed as a curse. And if singleness is a curse, then it’s no surprise that marriage has become a right! John Piper has stated that unfortunately, many Christians have made marriage an idol. We’ve elevated marriage to be something more than it should be, equating it to happiness. However, marriage or even another person should never be our ultimate contentment. Christ should be.


Many Christians view homosexual sex and same-sex romantic relationships to be worse than any other sin and mistreat LGBT people. This is truth at the expense of grace and does not reflect Gospel-centered living. We must repent of this hypocrisy. Churches encourage compassion toward unreached people groups (Muslims, ethnic minorities in Asia, tribes in South America), the poor, and the needy (those sexually exploited, those living with HIV/AIDS), but do little to reach out to one of the most unreached people groups in America—LGBT people. But aren’t we supposed to proclaim the Gospel to everyone?


We also must distinguish that temptation toward the same sex in itself is not sin. Experiencing an attraction toward the same sex can lead to sin (lust or sexual behavior), but is not sin by itself. Hebrews 4:15 states that Jesus was “tempted in every way, just as we are—yet he did not sin.” So it is not the “being” that is condemned, but one’s actions. Instead of making a broad statement that “homosexuality is a sin,” it would be more accurate to say that homosexual sex and same-sex romantic relationships are sins and not blessed by God.  The Bible condemns all sex outside of marriage, no matter who the partner is.  For you see, holiness is the goal, not heterosexual marriage.


We do not just seek marriage – but holiness.  It would be nice if the alcoholic never craved alcohol again, but that isn’t reality.  Whatever the sin which so easily besets, we each must still pursue holiness.  And that can bring pain and sacrifice.  But that is how to walk by faith, in grace and truth.


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