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Back From Bombo Posted 8.30.2013

Back from Bombo.  That always has a great ring to it.  I am not pleasant to live with now, but the family adjusts.  I think I learned some things these past couple of weeks that may not have anything to do with the absolutely wonderful medical clinic in Uganda.  God is doing something very special in that corner of the globe –in spite of me – and in spite of Peninsula.


I went through this clinic doing my normal routine.  I adjust forms, keep records, put out fires, put some balm on the struggles, take a bunch of amateur pictures to get up on the website as soon as possible, and write some routine journals to keep the prayer support burning brightly on the home front. As far as the flow of the clinic, I don’t do too much, but try to stay out of the way.  And, I’m not always too good at that.


This year the clinic was amazing.  I heard it from Alex.  I heard it from Millie.  I heard it from local doctors.  I heard it from our team members.  But as I look back on the two-week journey, I must honestly admit that I was stuck down in the weeds.  I’m not saying that is bad, it is just where I served.  And being down there among the weeds, you have to work hard to lift your head up above it all and see the hand of God moving.  And that took a while.

By the end of the week, I heard some stories that perhaps this may have been the most impacting clinic ever.  I didn’t sense that or conclude that on my own, because I was in a place where I couldn’t see it.  You don’t see that from the weeds.


This year, many members of the local Town Council came.  They told Alex after a couple of days visiting and checking things out that they hope he never, ever leaves Bombo.  The work he is doing in the community is so life changing and significant, they do not want to ever see his leadership transferred to another location.  They so appreciate what he and the church are doing in the community.  They are making an impact.


One afternoon, one of the local and very busy doctors took a stroll through the clinic.  She didn’t see any patients, but took a thorough tour, especially of the new surgical center.  In a follow-up phone call, she spoke in glowing terms of what has been accomplished in Bombo.  She is pursuing further education right now, but when that is done, she’ll gladly be back and support the outreach fully.  That is significant news from a respected doctor in Kampala.


Stories will bubble up in the weeks ahead.  But I learned, when you are stuck in the weeds of life, you just have to wait to really know what God is doing.  In the weeds of raising children, take heart, God is at work.  In the weeds of the daily-ness of work, take heart, God is at work.  Be faithful in the weeds, but look up to the God who is over them all.


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