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Be A Mom! Posted 5.09.2015

As we come to Mother’s Day 2015, I have a bit of a fresh perspective on this “holiday.”  When I was in Papua New Guinea a couple of weeks ago, I got the honor to meet Laura Melendes’ “mom.”  Well, there were certain features about her that made me realize rather quickly that she was not her biological mom – but that really didn’t matter as they reunited after ten years.  The joy, the thrill of just being together again said “mom” as much as anything.


So this weekend as we honor moms, it is important to remember that we do not honor just biology.  I mean let’s be honest, there are some woman who shouldn’t be “mom” and there are others who very much should be, but aren’t.  And won’t ever be.  Now, I have not abandoned the sovereignty of God, so don’t throw me off the bus. Yet.  I’m just saying that from a human perspective, we don’t always understand why someone is mom and someone else is not.


So today, if we don’t simply celebrate biology, what is today about?  Well, for me, I remember the benefits of many mom figures in my life.  I was – and am- blessed by them.  I have so many women who have invested and loved and prayed and nurtured me.  It has nothing to do with biology, it has to do with a heart for people. 


The topic of motherhood brings to the surface the struggles of life.  May we learn to be content in whatever situation we find ourselves this weekend.  Run back to the sovereignty of God and remember how good He is.  And may we find hope after a miscarriage.  Or an endometriosis. Or a wayward child. 


On a weekend that can bring real pain, rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep.  So keep our eyes on Jesus.  Thank God for mom – and all your mothers today.  Whether they led you to Jesus or even led you away from Jesus.  God gave you the mother you have.  Without a doubt.  So learn to more deeply entrust yourself to His wisdom and care.


This year, let’s decide to encourage one other on Mother’s Day.  Comfort those who mourn.  Celebrate with those who rejoice.  And then, let us leave with a determination to be involved in someone’s life as a nurturing “mom,” ready to encourage spiritual growth, no matter what the cost.  We all need some nurture at every stage of life.  So become someone with antennae out to discover the hurts of someone else and then bring them the Jesus.  He’s the one we all need to salve the wounds of life.


And one thing I do remember from meeting “Mom Melendes” is this – Laura looked and moved and acted much more like a Waxe when she was there.  How did that happen?  She had a PNG mom who invested in her life.  Will you make that investment in someone?  Biological or not.

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