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Be Still and.... Posted 7.25.2014

I have debated (internally) on my topic this morning, but I shall wade into something I’d rather not. IF this topic catches you totally by surprise, then count your blessings.  Last weekend a significant church in the South Bay (King’s Harbor) went through a gut wrenching weekend as their senior pastor resigned, confessing sin in his life.


Let your mind rest.  I’m not going to answer any questions.  It doesn’t matter the nature of the sin or its extent.  It really doesn’t – so fight that temptation to know.  You and I are not part of the problem, nor are we part of the solution – so the best course of action for us is to drop on our knees and pray for that pastor and that ministry and the reputation of the Church here in the South Bay. 


Such situations are unimaginable and inexcusable.  The cloth of human flesh is weak, that is obvious by the sin displayed on the pages of our Scripture.  But to put a name to it is devastating.  Instead of wagging our tongues I am asking for three things from you:

  1. Don’t talk about it.  Just stop speculating; spreading the latest rumor, or gossiping about something you know nothing about.  Do NOT make this a topic of discussion in your small group or on the patio.
  2. Pray.  We really ought to drop to our knees and pray for hurting believers.  They are reeling this weekend.  Their staff is struggling to understand what has happened and to know how minister to those who have devoted their lives and their faith in that church.  Pray for pastor and member alike.
  3. Examine our heart.  What a golden opportunity for us to take the searchlight of God’s Word and let it shine in the shadows of our lives and uncover those things which so easily trip us up.  The flesh is weak.  Sin is powerful.  Come to God and pray for revival in His Church – in our church.  We are so easily distracted by numbers and programs and so many things that really do not matter as much as the human heart.  It is time for some sober reflection on how we (and I mean us at Peninsula) are doing at following the Shepherd of our Souls.  We are all prone to wander.  So stop it.  Get right with God.  Submit to Him; be honest with Him.

Every heart aches at sin.  If it does not, then we do not understand the holiness of God. May we come in wonder and awe this morning into the very presence of God.  Our worship is not about a man and his influence, but it is only about the One God and His attributes.  Let us put everything else aside and concentrate on Him.


And these days, may our tongues be still and our knees worn thin.  May we know Who is still God and who is not.  Refine our lives to shine brightly for the King.  All glory is His.  No matter what.


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