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Bombo Lessons for Life Posted 8.28.2014

What a week.  I learned much.  Struggled much.  And today?  Today I give thanks for much.  There was a moment on Thursday (actually two moments) that brought focus to this week for me. 


Dr. Christine Lum Lung came to me in the very early afternoon, with a washbasin in hand – and rubber gloves.  This couldn’t be good.  She wanted me to see something.  Earlier in the week “we” had treated a niece of Pastor Alex for a huge wound on her ankle.  She has sickle cell anemia and has had this wound for a couple of years at least.  We brought a couple of Unna Boots (wraps to help the healing process) for her last year – and this year we brought a year’s supply.


Well, Dr. Lum Lung asked me to follow her – she had a young male patient with not one wound, but three open wounds just like Benna’s.  I didn’t know it could get worse.  It can.  I really did not want to enter that room, but I obeyed.  Here was a very nice looking young man, healthy in all respects…until he rolled up the legs of his pants.  And there they were.  One leg had two gaping wounds approaching grapefruit size.  The other leg had one too – and a small one about to open up.  It was heart breaking.  Without treatment – he would loose both legs.


To make a long story, Back-Page length – Dr. Christine stayed after clinic to put on some of Benna’s Unna Boots.  We had seen a record number of patients that day.  We were all exhausted.  But Dr. Christine stayed late.  And she stopped to repair the flip-flop of a young child on the way to the Unna Boot patient visit.  Here was a servant.  I was impressed with all of our doctors in that regard this week.  Dr. Bisi’s specialty is not pediatrics, but she saw “millions” of children as moms brought five or six or seven  children to be seen by a doctor.  All were seen.  She smiled through it all and became “St. Bisi” to us.  A servant heart.


And then when talking to some local students about how this week has impacted them and the community, one of their first comments was – over half of our patients were from the Muslim community of Bombo.  Who knew the number was that high?  And several trusted Christ as savior this week.  One woman went home uncertain of the reaction she would find from her husband.  But she went boldly proclaiming faith in Jesus.


You never know what is really going on behind the scenes.  The boy with open wounds came 14 hours for treatment.  God worked it out that we had exactly what he needed on that very day.  And Jesus stepped into the life of a Muslim wife.  What a mighty God we serve.  And what amazing things He can do if I get my eyes off myself and walk humbly with Him, doing justice and loving mercy.  There is a lesson that could be applied…even in the South Bay.  Let’s do it.  Together.


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