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Christmas Mess Posted 1.03.2014

Do you know one of the highlights of my Christmas season?  Sitting in the first Christmas Eve service and being serenaded by two young children sitting behind me singing at the top of their lungs, “Silent Night, Holy Night.”  In that quiet and holy moment, two girls belted out those lyrics that so capture the spirit on Christmas Eve.  In the simplicity of their faith and with lyrics they obviously knew very well, they sang to Jesus.  It was a special moment (not sure their parents would agree – but I was blessed).  What simple faith.  What moving faith.


And now we enter the cleanup phase of Christmas.  I have to admit that cleaning up is not nearly as fun as decorating (please do not assume by that observation that I really do much in either department).   But getting out all the holiday trappings beats tucking them all away for another year, that I know. 


But that’s life, not just Christmas.  Cleaning up is a pain.  It’s thankless work.  Of course, we wouldn’t have to clean up so much if we wouldn’t make such giant messes.  But as we live, we make a mess.  In our home.  At work.  In the car (it gets messier faster than just about anything).  In our walk with God.  In relationships.  Oh wow, there lies the most problematic of messes, and the one that can be almost impossible to fully clean up.  Once we’ve spread the dirt everywhere, there isn’t a vacuum big enough to get it all put back away. 


We say things out of anger or in jest or with sarcasm and it makes a mess bigger than Christmas decorations!  It can be in frivolous moment or a well-calculated decision, and the consequences will be chaotic.  And what we have left behind is a damaged relationship.  What a mess!


The new year will find us all making some kind of tangle in life.  The question we face will be – can we clean it up?  Not without Jesus.  Not without Jesus (repeated for emphasis!). Whether I will damage an earthly relationship this year beyond repair, I cannot say.  But what I do know is that if I do, only as my heart beats after God will I be able to make it right.  Even if then.


So when overwhelmed by the mess 2014 will become, at that moment, I must first humble myself.  Second, I must seek God will all my heart.  And third, I must be willing to do whatever the Lord leads in the wisdom of His Word and the power of His Spirit.  It may require some significant changes in my life to make right my chaos.  Am I willing?  In Jesus, I am able.


But I pray in that moment, God might find a heart that beats after His.  May I not be found ignoring God (which probably got me into that mess) or shifting blame or hiding.  May I be like those two young voices on Christmas Eve, living in the simplicity of faith in Jesus.  That’s where I want to be, found with simple, moving faith.  Unashamed of Jesus.

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