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Count Your Blessings Posted 6.11.2015

Little blessings.  Do you ever overlook the little blessings of life?  I do. This week though, there were enough of them to get my attention.  When they pile up then God can knock me upside the head and help me realize His grace.  What did I see this week?


Rain.  We had actual rain in June.  Wow.  What a blessing and not really all that small.  But there were also a couple of days of very heavy dew.  What a treat.  I there may be another “hurricane” on its way.


Home Group.  We ended this season of our Community Group with an amazing dinner together.  The food was great, but being together was even better.  God has blessed me with one amazing group.


Dad.  Today (Flag Day, if you didn’t know) my dad turns 91.  We are taking him out to an early dinner and then to Joanna’s last (ever) Los Concioneros concert.  It’ll be a fun afternoon together and he’ll love the concert.  Just a great little blessing to celebrate life and family.


Team Bombo.  This week I sat down with Kelly Jarosch and in an hour took care of all my administrative tasks for the upcoming mission trip.  She has stepped up to help organize the logistics of the trip in August – and wow, that almost didn’t make the cut of “little” blessings because it is so significant for me.  But Team Bombo 2015 is looking to be one amazing group of servants.  Logistics are important!


Neighbors.  On Wednesday I walked from house to house along the street just above the church.  I wanted to warn them of the sound issues on the outdoor movie night.  If they were home, they were understanding – some even very supportive.  One family has enrolled their child in our preschool for the fall.  Now, they did say they can hear everything – so watch those parking lot discussions and screams….we have an audience!  But I was blessed by friendly neighbors.


Of course, this week hasn’t been all blessing.  I finally thought I’d be a hero at home when I ordered an exterminator to deal with our ant infestation.  The company guaranteed no more ants.  So I gave it a try.  I’ve never had an exterminator at the house since we lived in Indio and the children were little tykes and black widows invaded.  So I could be a hero and rid the home of ants.  So I hoped.  But you can’t plan little blessings.  The day after the exterminator sprayed we had more ants than usual in places we hadn’t had them before.  So much for hero status.   Time for Plan B.


We need to be thankful for what we’ve been given.  Today.  Maybe even just in this hour. Those blessings could be gone tomorrow.  So open your eyes and do not overlook the clear expressions of God’s grace. Count your blessings.  Name them one by one -- and remember what God has done.  Stop and look for Him even in the hard corners of life.  Stop right now and see God’s little blessings.

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