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Ebenezer's Path Posted 12.04.2014

Lord willing, this morning water is flowing from the midst of “Ebenezer.”  I’m going to talk about its significance on the last Sunday of the year.  But, perhaps, you might be interested in how that stone came to be.  Well, not literally how it came to be, but how it was that a stone with water arrived on the patio.


The anniversary team began meeting before summer.  We kicked around a lot of ideas about how we could commemorate this year of jubilee (our fiftieth as a church family).   One item discussed, which I hadn’t actually given much thought to, was the question of whether to do anything to dramatically remember this year.  Not all churches make it to fifty – so let’s do something special.


We talked about burying mementos.  We talked about planting a tree. But, hey, we have plenty of trees around and to add another tree would mean we’d remove an existing trees.  That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.


At some point Ken suggested a plaque. We liked that idea.  He mentioned that Forest Home did that on a stone for Henrietta Mears up at camp.  The problem, he said, was that it is located over at the lake and not really all that accessible to the average visitor to camp. You had to go out of your way to find it.


Well, that wouldn’t do here.  If we were going to do this, I’d want it to be somewhere central.


Months passed.  Thoughts ruminated.  Our architect has always suggested to me that adding a water feature somewhere on campus would greatly enhance the facility.  Maybe we should do something with water for this anniversary.  Where?  I supposed the most central place was then occupied.  With a large (and getting uglier) cypress tree. That’s fairly central. 


So we talked about a waterfall cascading down the exterior of the building where the stone is today.  That would be cool.  But…then the estimate came in.  That was over budget.  And, as one pool contractor pointed out, would mean it would be hidden as you exited the building.


By then, we had settled on a stone of remembrance – an Ebenezer, like Samuel erected in the Old Testament.  It would be a statement of our dependence on God and His unfailing love and help for fifty years.  But to keep the water -- we added water flowing up from the middle of the stone – and what we dedicated in November was born.  It only took about ten days to construct, and was just about ready for dedication day.  But that’s another story.


The road of life winds a bit.  Sometimes it takes lots of different opinions to find the best path.  But if you take one step at a time and listen carefully to the Lord and consider what’s best – God will direct your steps.  And so today, you passed a stone that reminds us of the help that God has been for fifty years.  May we never forget to keep Him in the center of all we do.  And say.

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