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Faithfulness Is In The House Posted 5.19.2016

Faithfulness.  This morning we get to share some time with a couple that is, probably above all else, faithful.  Many moons ago, as I began my tenure on staff here at Peninsula, I was greeted each morning with a cheery hello from Carol Lewis.  Yes, the Carol Lewis who is here with us today.  And, back in Bruce’s office sat her husband, Fred Lewis.  Yes, the same Fred Lewis who is here with us today.


Their lives have been entwined with Peninsula for decades, as Carol grew up here among us.  The Lacy (her maiden name) family was an institution around here.  So I got a very good education about the life and inner workings of Peninsula in those early days, as Carol ran the office.  Fred provided wisdom as well in the transition for this new guy just coming on board.


Fred and Carol, though, had (and still have) a heart for the world.  So their time in the office was just a short stint.  Palos Verdes was not where they wanted to be long term.  They knew it.  I knew it.  The needs of the world called them – and they (as always) listened to God.  They had returned in those days from a ministry in the Kisoro region of Uganda.  Not the peaceful Uganda we know today.  No, back then, it was a turbulent Uganda.  They were faithful, though, to found a Bible college in this southwestern region of Uganda, not near Bombo at all.  The school thrives today, and they traveled to it last year to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Bible college.  And, of course, to teach some cross cultural skills to these amazing African believers.  See, faithful.


But as they spent time grounding this fledging young pastor (hey, I’m still sort of young, right?), the Lord was tugging at their heartstrings.  They sought His leadership and wisdom and ended up learning Russian and heading to Ukraine until health issues forced them to be evacuated from Ukraine.  Ministry and obedience is not always easy, but faithful people stay faithful.  Even through long periods of pain and trial. 


They next sought to influence the world of mission through a stint in Pasadena at the Center for World Missions.  They have since headed up to the Pacific Northwest, Portland being their home base.  But, once again, just a base.  They serve with WorldView in Portland, where they develop courses for third-world believers to learn the skills necessary to make them effective missionaries in a cross cultural setting.  They teach them how to learn a new language and then watch for cultural clues which allow them to share the love and grace of Jesus in that brand new and always strange setting.


Faithful.  All the way.  All the time.  These days you might find them in Uganda or Panama or Kansas City or teaching faithfully (of course) in Portland.  Missionaries in their recent training classes are heading to Turkey, and Cambodia, and Thailand. 


So listen carefully this morning. Give some generous hugs.  And soak in the heart and wisdom of some (have I said it yet?) faithful servants of God.


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