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Farewell and God's Speed Posted 8.12.2016

This Sunday is bittersweet.  At least for many of us at Peninsula.  But especially for me.  This Sunday is the last Sunday for Bob and Daphne Easton to be with us in worship – and they may not even be able to make the trek to church due to physical limitations. The last couple of months have been tough on them, so it is time to move closer to their girls.  On Tuesday they fly to Colorado Springs to begin a new adventure – life in The Springs.


Bob and Daphne has been part of Peninsula for over forty years.  That’s an amazing statistic.  They’ve probably had plenty of reasons to go shopping for a new church over the years.  But they have been a model of faithfulness.  A model of steady perseverance.  A model of godliness. A voice of calm wisdom. Bob’s faithfulness is legendary – he worked for Boeing for over fifty years!  That’s a stick-to-it man.  And, he’s no dummy either, he has a Ph.D. in mathematics.


I remember Bob giving his time to come to cast a vision for science and godliness in the lives of my children.  He also lifted his voice in the choir for years.  He’s served several stints on the Board of Elders, always with a steady hand and voice of support and creativity.  And he taught adults for decades.  Daphne has trained more dogs for guide school than I can count.  Her canine wisdom saved me some gray hair (I guess not enough) with Dog #3.  Too bad she won’t be around for Dog #4.  This dog needs that firm hand.


But I can’t let the Eastons sneak out of town with expressing, on behalf of us all, some heartfelt appreciation for all you mean – and have meant – to Peninsula.  A hole will be created after today, a hole that won’t easily be filled.  A piece of the body is going away and we will miss them terribly.


So Bob and Daphne, we bid farewell with a heaviness of heart.  I am convinced this is the right move for you, but I don’t have to like it.  I pray that the transition from coast to mountains will provide you fresh opportunities for ministry – and significant time with the grandchildren – and your girls.  God has led you to us and now He leads you away. May His peace and His grace prepare the way and help you to keep shining for His glory.


Our new generation will not get the honor of hearing of your work on the Spacelab or of discovering how to properly train a dog, one you have to hold lightly for it will someone else’s eyes and ears.  My heart is indeed heavy.  But, thank you for being you.  For loving Jesus and the Word.  You have made our tapestry rich.


May we all learn to invest our lives in each other – and especially in the younger generation.  Just like Bob and Daphne.  You have lived for God’s glory and with a humble heart.  There’s nothing that makes the job of shepherding more rewarding.  I am a rich man, indeed.


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