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Few From The Pew, Part Deux Posted 6.27.2014

I’ve never done a “series” on the Back Page, but there is always a first I suppose.  I shared two weeks ago from Thom Rainer’s blog when he listed what pastor’s wish their people knew.  But he also wrote a piece about what people would want their pastors to know about them.  It is only fair to share that list – to give it equal time and attention, right?


So I started that list last Sunday, but it was too long to fit in the appropriate space.  Really?  You have more to say to me than I have to say to you?  Well, not exactly.  The truth is that everything that I am suppose to say to you was really not applicable.  I didn’t need to “say” it all.  I could edit the list.  But I dare not edit the list of what you have to say to me.  So I conclude today.  The first five are review from last week.

  1. “Let me know you really care for me.”
  2. “Teach me the Bible.”
  3. “Help me deal with change.”
  4. “Don’t lead too far ahead.”
  5. “Help me deal with family issues.”
  6. “Be transparent.” We know you are imperfect, but the critics sometimes cause you to hide your faults. For sure, we don’t want every nitty gritty personal detail about you and your family. But we do want to know that you have some of the same struggles we do. It helps us to identify with you better. It helps us to pray for you more.
  7. “Don’t get defensive when I offer constructive criticism.” I know that this one is tough. You get so many criticisms already; many of them are petty and self-serving. But there are many of us who love you and will, on rare occasions, offer some words that we think are best for you. Hear us without being defensive. Pray that God’s Spirit will help you discern when you should listen and when you should ignore.
  8. “Pray for me.” Please let me know that you love your church members so much that you pray for us regularly. Let us know that you consider prayer for the members to be one of your highest priorities.
  9. “Give me hope.” This world confuses me. This degenerating culture scares me. Show me how God has dealt with such hopeless times in the past that they may be times of hope for me today. Show me Christ’s possibilities, His hope, and His encouragement in difficult days.

So what do you think?  Is the list very accurate?  Maybe there are a couple of things on it that you really would like to say to me – and the other pastors.  I will say that I have taken these requests to heart.  I heard.  I know that you love us all on the pastoral team, that’s not the question.  The question is that we need to apply these words from you.  I actually hope they really do reflect your heart.  That would be an encouragement to me.  Do they?


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