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For Such A Time Posted 9.25.2014

This week Crestridge has been crowded.  Very crowded with cars, that is.  Thursday was Rosh Hashanah, so the synagogue across the street couldn’t contain all the cars that need a place to park.  And this weekend we have back-to-back “golden” celebrations.  Last night, our “remember” event with friends old and new.  And this morning, we welcome Doug Stolhand to keep the celebrations rolling.


To celebrate such a significant milestone should bring a pause to the normal routine of life.  For one thing, God is worth celebrating and His faithfulness should be broadcast long and loud.  We must remember Him.  But then we also ought to pause and ponder what is next for us.  To be honest, most of us cannot list the names of those who founded this church.  We can see the charter members in some grainy black and white photos with their signature of commitment to this church.  They are pillars of this church.  But we don’t know their names. Should we?  I would say, not necessarily.


You see, they served their own generation, accomplishing much for the kingdom as they planted a church in Palos Verdes.  It is said of David, “For when David had served God’s purpose in his own generation, he fell asleep; he was buried with his fathers and his body decayed”  (Acts 13:36).  What an amazing statement.  But you know, that all any of us can do.  You serve your own generation.


It really doesn’t matter who follows me as pastor.  That’s not my decision, so I have to be about today.  In a church with a rich history it is too tempting to just live in the “remember” event.  It is too easy to sit on the sidelines and coast comfortably into tomorrow.  But we are here now.  We have a rich heritage.  But we are not going to be together forever (if last night taught us anything, surely it taught us that).  People come and go.  But while we are here, we have to get into the battle.  While we are here, we have to throw everything in.  It is time for 100% commitment.  Don’t hold anything back. 


If it is time that’s needed, then put the time in.  If it’s money, let’s put the money in.  If it’s prayer, then let’s put the prayer in.  Whatever it takes.  Whatever.  While we have the opportunity, let us do the work of God in our generation.  That’s all we have.  Don’t hold back.  Don’t make any excuses about the past.  And for sure let’s not worry about the future, because we don’t have a clue what tomorrow will bring.


As we will begin the next fifty years, we do so knowing that when they celebrate 100 years, they won’t remember many of our names.  We’ll be those names glossed over on the timeline.  We’ll be in those pictures with the funny clothes and odd haircuts.  But that doesn’t matter, as long as we have served God’s purpose in our generation.  That’s all we can ever do.


I am so ready to start the next fifty.  Are you?

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