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Forty....and Counting Posted 10.03.2013

On Saturday night I attended (Lord willing) my 40th high school reunion.  High school was a lifetime ago. I anticipate that a lot of things will not have changed much since 1973, besides the gray hair and extra weight.  The cool kids will still be cool and the jerks still jerks and the jocks still jocks.  We had a class of over 700 so I won’t know a lot of the people in the room, so it could be awkward.  Just like high school.  Here I go again.


I would be much more comfortable at some church reunion or a seminary reunion (I didn’t have many college friends, so I don’t even attempt those events).  But as life has moved along, friendships come and go, but the most lasting are those built on the foundation of faith.  There is already so much more in common if you start with faith.


In some ways, things haven’t changed much since high school. There will be shallow talk.  There will be sizing up other people and judging what the years have done (or not done) to them.  So why do I go?  Because of the hope I have.  If I can bring a glimmer of the love of Jesus into that place, I must go.  There will be lots of drinking – and dancing, both of which will leave me standing on the sidelines.  Again.  Not by requirement, but by choice.  They do ask me to pray at each reunion (though I’ve not been asked yet for number 40).  I’m good to have around for some things.


But as life flies by, it is in whom I believe that makes all the difference to me.  As I go through life, it the Savior who must call the shots.  Who knows if I’ll be still around in ten years – so I’d better use each day of this decade to live for the honor and glory of the Savior.


There is a reunion that remains in my future.  Not the fiftieth, the first. I don’t have to worry about to wear at that one.  I don’t have to loose weight (for which I was not all that successful anyway).  I don’t have to worry about not knowing anyone, I’m intimately known by the Host. I don’t have to worry about the food or drink or entertainment.  It is the hope of that reunion that keeps me walking with Jesus today. 


That first reunion will be announced with a trumpet. Together, all believers in Jesus will join in the sky for a grand reunion – and what happens next?  We get to meet the Savior.  We will forever be with the Lord.  A reunion that never ends.  A reunion without sorrow.  Full of joy.  Without any fear.  No gaffes. The old habits gone, ruts non-existent.  All will be fresh in the ultimate new beginning reunion!


I may be tired on Sunday morning, but I won’t be hung over.  That’s a given.  May the Lord help us all to be lights in dark places.  As we go….



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