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Getting Ready to Go! Posted 9.17.2015

As the sun rises on Wednesday, Christie and I will be jetting off to Italy, redeeming our long-anticipated gift of travel from everyone at Peninsula.  You overwhelmed us last fall with the presentation of a certificate for travel. You will never know how much that meant to us – and how much fun we have had in this past year planning where to go and managing all the details.  And – we get to go….together!


We will have a couple of days in Venice, then board a ship on Saturday morning and spend the next eleven days cruising around the Mediterranean in a style unlike anything the Apostle Paul could imagine.  We have stops in many places with names straight out of the New Testament.  Corinth.  Athens.  Ephesus.  Rhodes.  And a few with no New Testament reference.  Istanbul.  Santorini.  Mykonos. Olympia.  What get me going most is the thought of visiting those cities to which Paul wrote his letters.  Or cities found on the pages of Acts.  Wow.  What a blessing it will be to walk on those streets. 


So as we go, please know that you will be in our thoughts.  This trip is only possible through your generosity to our family.  We would never have made this trip on our own.  It’s been a dream, but you know the impact of the family budget on travel. 


For a couple of weeks, we will unplug from the world (I promise!) and enjoy each other and the sites of the biblical narrative. Needless to say, we can’t wait.  I have been to a few of these locations on previous trips, but Christie has not.  To do this together is an amazing blessing.


And as we prepare, I am reminded about the importance of perspective.  We’ve planned and dreamed for a year for this trip.  But there is a trip that must always consume my heart.  Some day I will see Jesus.  Some day it will happen.  Some day.  But that day will require some planning, just as any vacation does.  You see, that moment when we see Jesus is a moment that takes a lifetime of investment if we are going to be ready.  Or at least it should.


It is that moment which challenges my priorities and goals and energies.  It is that moment that keeps me holy.  It is that moment which motivates my perseverance.  It is that moment which reminds me to love all.


Are you excited about that moment when you get to meet Jesus?  We should be consumed by that moment.  Excited.  Planning.  Dreaming.  Changing.  That is the most significant of trips.  Bar none.  So don’t forget to plan for it.


We all have some big events on the horizon for which we look forward.  But don’t forget, what we should desire most, anticipate most, dream for most, is that moment when we meet the Savior.  As I unplug from life for a couple of weeks, I cannot unplug from the faith.  Or I just won’t be ready for that “other” moment.


And, once again…..thank you.  See you in two weeks.

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Clyda Carter wrote...
9/18/15 4:58pm
Enjoy....and be is a wonderful part of our world. Hugs to you both


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