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Go With The Flow Posted 5.04.2014

I am enjoying a few moments of quiet before the day begins.  I probably should be using the time to sleep, but I opted for leaving the door to my 13th story room open all night so that I could hear the lapping of the Mediterranean waves on the shore across the street.  It was amazing.  The cool breezes, the ocean sounds, and a delightful bed to wrap up this eventful journey to Israel.  Abraham didn’t have it so good on his trip here.  That’s for sure.


But as I sit in my bed and enjoy my environment, I look back a the journey to get here.  One missed passenger (don’t ever leave home without your passport).  One late flight created a domino effect with a second missed flight, as we hung around in Istanbul for an extra couple of hours.  But at least on the cramped second flight, we arrived half an hour ahead of schedule.  On a two-hour flight – that’s moving.


We arrived at 11:30 pm with hundreds of our other closest friends all crowded to get through passport control.  I was a lot better than normal, however.  The only problem I found was in passport control, where they understood my English to say we were staying in Jerusalem six months at the end of the tour, not six days.  Once I clarified that little word, I sailed through.


And so we have all arrived at our hotel.  While one more is playing catch-up and, Lord willing, will join us on the shore of Galilee tonight.  I hope his flights are all on time at least.


But international travel can be like that, right?  You just have to relax and good with the flow.  And count the airplanes ahead of you in line at LAX.  We were late and hadn’t left the ground in Los Angeles.  That’s a bit ominous.  But to then loose more time while flying, that I have to chalk up to providence.  It’s nice to have a faith that allows me to chalk things up like that.  My God is so big that I can entrust him with not only my eternity, but also my journey to eternity. 


As the sun rises from behind the hotel and I watch the ocean get brighter and brighter I cannot know what this day will bring.  But it is usually one of our most significant days.  But I’ve already seen God’s people react with grace in trying circumstances, so when they stand above the jail which housed Paul, or the mountain on which Elijah confronted the prophets of Baal, or the gate built under the direction of Solomon and through which he must have walked on some sort of inspection tour – then, the long day to get here will definitely be worth the journey.  We have come to find and follow God, not just see places.


And that is what we all must do as we journey through life.  Find God.  May you find Him and may we see where He’s been in days gone by.  May the modern and the historic join forces and bring us to worship.  No matter where we are this morning.


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