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Good News Out Of Bombo Posted 2.28.2014

On Friday morning I got a bit of good news.  Well, yes, it was raining and that was fabulous – and I hope it keeps up long enough to end the drought.  Not all at once, mind you, but a couple of weeks of drought-busting rain and snow would be a blessing from the hand of God.  We shall pray.


Anyway, back to the bit of good news.  I got an email from Millie Ojera over in Bombo, Uganda, which detailed the accounting for the medical clinic on their church grounds.  We built a surgical center last year that we use for simple surgeries during our annual medical mission in August.  But that structure is converted into a medical clinic for the other 50 weeks a year.  There is a school of some 800 children so medical care is important – and now the community is discovering a place to get some basic medical care as well.


We are supporting that effort in Bombo each month through our missions support.  And the good news is that they have been unable to secure a regular clinician to manage the day-to-day operation of the facility.  So as of the first of this year, Henry is now at the clinic full time.  We pay him $160/month.  He even has a nurse around to help him ($100/month).  Want a job?


But as we move forward, the goal is to make that clinic self-sufficient.  As the school adds it to their budget and the local community discovers the hidden gem that’s been planted, it should become self-supporting.


When we come in August, we bring a fresh influx of medicines to help keep the doors open for another year and medical personnel to improve the quality of care.  It is exciting to see the church own this clinic – as a beacon of hope to the community and another way to share the Savior’s love.


You see, as we are faithful to share of our blessing, God is providing a path toward health and a vehicle for ministry in a rural town north of Kampala.  There are pockets of believers around the world who have come to faith – or have grown in their faith – because you have a job and are faithful to support the work of this great church.


So don’t ever think you are not fulfilling God’s purpose by faithfully showing up to work on Monday morning.  Through those hours you are honoring God and blessing the world, people you may never meet this side of eternity.  But there will be a day to swap stories.  A day to celebrate the grace of God.  A day when this drought will be but a memory and we meet those who have come to Christ because of our investment in the Kingdom.


As we live our purpose we will change the world.  Of that I have no doubt, because I have seen it happen already.  We grow people to impact their world.  And beyond.


So, are you ready to join Team Bombo 2014?  It’s time to seriously consider Africa.  And I’m completely serious.



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