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Grace Can Be in the Details Posted 11.05.2015

What a difference 20 feet can make.  Twenty feet.  That’s 6.1 meters, for those so inclined to actually know that metric system. Or 240 inches.  Or the height of a fully grown giraffe.  Or the size of a really large Great White Shark.  But if you think about it, it’s not all that long either.  It just depends on your perspective.  There are times when life can hang on a matter of feet – or even miles.  But this week, life hung on inches. 


On Wednesday afternoon, about 4:20, I heard a small boom.  It was an unusual sound, but I didn’t think much about it and assumed somebody just dropped something heavy into the dumpster behind my office.  Ten minutes later I was summoned out to the front of the church.  There, “parked” with is hood into our front stairs, was a car.  Really? Indeed.


Of first concern – and really second and third as well – was the safety of the driver of the vehicle.  All seemed well in that regard.  So as we pieced things together, being the amazing sleuths that we are, the emerging story became more and more alarming.


The driver was coming up the hill and for some reason entered our upper driveway and took out a light fixture, and then the banner advertising the health fair, coming to a stop while reorganizing the stonework and hand railing of the center stairway.


It took me a while to understand the immense impact of the grace of God on Wednesday at 4:20 pm.  First, the driver of the vehicle walked away.  Second, Pastor Bruce walked away.  Why is that a demonstration of grace?  It was not much of a stretch to see God’s hand in that moment.


Les Smith was replacing some burned out light bulbs in the steps that afternoon.  Bruce wanted to touch base with Les, so he set out to the front of the church to find him. As he came to the bottom of the stairwell in the parking lot, he watched that car careen onto our front lawn.  Really?  Yes.  He was an eyewitness.  But he could easily have been a victim.  The difference?  My guess is about 20 feet.  The length of that large shark or the height of that graceful giraffe. He most certainly would have been in the path of that car if the timing had been a little different. 


Our worship today could have been a very different experience.  You can go ahead and give Bruce and Les a large and long hug this morning.  And take a moment to pause and thank God for His grace, grace seen in those 240 inches.   20 feet.


Sometimes we see God grace in tragedy.  Sometimes we see God’s grace in tragedy averted.  Either way, we must discover God’s grace.  This morning, I am grateful for the simple grace of 20 feet.  You arrived in debt to grace and may not even have known it.  But this week, it is one thing I most certainly know.  The grace of 20 feet.

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