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Heroes Abound Posted 4.01.2016

Whew, what a week.  I don’t know about you, but Passion weekend is exhausting.  Especially when it follows a week of packing boxes and equipment for that container we are sending to Uganda.  On Monday morning, a truckload of supplies arrived from Buena Park – supplies you had given so generously to purchase.  They are all things other organizations and hospitals had donated for mission work, and we were able to purchase some amazing equipment that would never have been able to afford on the open market.  So it was a banner day around here.


By Friday afternoon, and the arrival of more things just about every day this week, the packing is done.  Over.  Completed.  As a side note, don’t even think about bringing anything else for the container. In fact, I encourage you to take a peek downstairs this morning at the amount of “stuff” we have to fit in that one container.  There are boxes piled high in Conference Room A.  And then….then there is a large section of equipment in The Pit that also has to find its way (carefully) into that container.  It is going to be a huge task just to get all that stuff out of the building and into the container, let alone make it fit.  We need prayer for The Packers.


These last two weeks required three trips to Home Depot for supplies.  We went through probably 18 rolls of strapping tape (and the last two rolls we had to “borrow” from the preschool on Thursday).  But everything is coded and recorded and the inventory is in Uganda for governmental approval.


But I am overwhelmed this morning by you.  By those who donated items.  By those who wrote generous checks that we could purchase specific equipment.  By those who gave their leisure time by the hours (and then headed off to a full day of work) to get everything sorted and counted and packed.  It has been a huge project.  That you…for your willingness to serve.  You pay me to serve, but we don’t pay you. You are my heroes.


I am also overwhelmed this morning at the thought that in September we will open our ninth medical clinic.  That first year we spent a couple of hours in downtown Kampala search for paper and a paper cutter so that we could write down the names of the patients and keep some sort of record of them.  It was near chaos.  I didn’t have a clue about what it took to run an organized clinic in rural Africa.  God has been so patient.  The reality is, that you sacrifice the full-timeness of your pastor that we can successfully minister and grow a church thousands of miles away.  Peninsula is full of people who think only about themselves, but have a vision much bigger than Crestridge. This church is full of heroes.


So as we all celebrate the joys of a successful Resurrection Sunday, don’t forget our task and our Savior.  Keep your eyes on the Kingdom of God, not the kingdom of self.  Worship the ultimate hero this morning, the Lord Jesus Christ.


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