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Home! Posted 9.23.2016

Home.  I never tire of coming home. Ever. Three weeks away is a really long time (just ask Christie).  But they were weeks which impacted my life in ways I am still trying to figure out – and in ways that are very obvious.  The energy generated by an enthusiastic younger crew at the clinic continues to energize me.  Next year will be our tenth clinic – and with their help and ideas – it will be our best yet.  We are making a difference in the community and health education is obviously the biggest challenge we face.  But we have people willing to tackle that challenge – and make a difference in the Bombo community.


This year’s mission was amazing.  I didn’t wear myself out as much (I had a team which let me delegate much to them). Let me be honest, there were some real struggles for me emotionally (some of the patients who sought care just broke my heart).  But we do what we can do – and sometimes that means we can only pass along a mini-Snickers and hold a hand.  That was my Wednesday morning.  I could give the gift of touch, so I did.  And prayed.  You do what you can for the needs which present themselves.  Just like here at home. 


The first two days are extremely long days.  Why can’t I ever remember that?  I won’t forget now, I don’t think.  The last half of the week flies by twice as fast.  There is so much to do to get ready to lock the doors on the latest clinic – and set ourselves up to open up the doors again in 11 months.


I enjoy the clinic and seeing it’s impact on Bombo, and beyond.  Think about it.  1,894 children saw a doctor last week.  We did 40 surgical cases.  The folks in Bombo were able to lead 513 people to Christ.  And, last Sunday after the clinic was history – Pastor Alex said they had their biggest crowd ever in worship.  Well, “in” worship is tricky.  The current building won’t hold everybody – so the overflow crowd spilled out the back and sides and beyond.  Many came for the first time to church because of the love shown at the clinic.  Alex has his work cut out for him following up all those new believers and church attenders.  God is doing something special.


But when you are there (and we had a great time in India, too) thoughts meander toward home.  The work is rewarding and the relationships very special – but I always look forward to that day when I clear immigration at LAX and I’m home!


May I have that same attitude about heaven.  I don’t want to cling so tightly to this world that I’m not looking forward to that day when I get to go home.  Real home.  When I get to go to the place God made for me.  The place that fulfills all hopes and dreams and wants and needs.  It’ll be beautiful and clean and comfortable.


There will be no place like…..home.  Until then?  Change the world.


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