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In The Fullness of Time Posted 12.03.2015

I am just about ready for Christmas.  Well, that could be stretching things a bit.  I haven’t done my shopping.  Haven’t wrapped a single gift.  So I guess I really haven’t done very much.


Ah, but one thing I have done.  The lights are up outside the house – and the Christmas tree is up and healthy (well, it’s fake this year). To be completely honest, the boys unboxed it and set it up and made sure the light are all working (the most horrible chore of Christmas).  But I did get up on the ladder and successfully navigated the outdoor lights without falling off anything or breaking any limbs (mine).  So it was a successful march toward Christmas. 


We work so hard to prepare for a holiday, which passes so quickly.  As we blink, it is gone.  But preparing for any celebration with Jesus at its heart is worthy every bit of effort.  Right?


When you think back to that first Christmas, it doesn’t really seem like there was much preparation involved.  In fact, they didn’t even make any reservations at the local inn to welcome the young King into this world.  Because there was no hoopla, some shepherds had to be told to get over there and make a proper welcome for Jesus.


But if that is your conclusion, then I’m afraid you’ve missed something in your study of the Bible.  Despite of the scene in Bethlehem that night, the preparations for that moment had been monumental.  And what God did to prepare the world for that moment is much more intricate than putting up any old string of lights along my eaves.


Paul talks about the coming as happening at the “fullness of time.”  The preparations had actually been decades in the making.  And they were significant.  He came when there was a modern system of roads across the Roman Empire that could be used to spread the news about Jesus  He came when the Greek language was so dominant that His story could be told.  Everywhere.  He came when the central government was so strong that peace ruled the land, making travel on those roads possible.  He came when God had lined up just the perfect genealogical roots for the Savior to meet all the requirements to eventually sit on David’s throne.  It was no accident of history that at that moment God sent His Son.


Israel was ready. The world was ready.  Everything had been prepared for Jesus and Christianity to make their mark upon humanity.  History changed that night.  And it was no accident, even without a reservation in the local inn.  It was a moment planned before the foundation of world.  Executed in the fullness of time.  Celebrated for the rest of history.


As you exhaust yourself in getting everything ready, remember that celebrating the incarnation is well worth it.  God had to put the whole world in order to get ready for Bethlehem, so a little less sleep is a fitting reminder of the sovereignty of God in putting together the incarnation.  It was worth it the first time.  So it is worth again, without a doubt.

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