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Is Normal Good? Posted 3.07.2014

Friday morning writer’s block is not a good thing.  At least for me.  The Friday deadlines are regular and relentless and significant.  Sometimes the Back Page is written and sent to Christina early in the week.  Well, not very often, but sometimes.  Other times I don’t want the office to get used to an early arrival, so I’ll hold it (to make final edits…yeah, right) before sending it mid-morning on Friday.  Of course, there are the weeks where inspiration has flown out the window and cannot be located anywhere.  Those desert Fridays can be painful.


Such was Friday this week.  No inspiration. Just a barren desert of ideas.  Part of that is the normalcy of life right now.  OK, some call it boring.  I like boring, personally, except on Friday mornings.  I mean, I haven’t broken anything lately (well, my new icemaker arrived broken and it took a week to get the part returned…but I didn’t do it).  I haven’t embarrassed myself lately (well, any more than usual I suppose).  And I haven’t had some keen insight into life that screamed in such a way to find itself explored on the Back Page.


So what does one write about when you’ve just been boring for a while?  I have asked myself that question for a couple of weeks now.  But, tick, tick, tick….the clock moves on toward the deadline.


So what I did was think about God.  His grace.  His wisdom.  His patience.  His love.  His character is anything but normal.  And I never tire of reflecting on the riches we have in Jesus.  And then I just took some time to thank God for “normal.”  I don’t really want to say, “boring” – because life isn’t boring right now, just normal.   And so I give my attention on my Creator and Savior and Comforter.


Because if I were honest, it is often in those moments when I build the character required to endure the abnormal.  It is time to learn to “be still and know that I am God” when I’m not forced to do it in the middle of a life hurricane.  I think part of my problem is that I don’t utilize normal to prepare for abnormal.  So when the abnormal hits I drown.


In staff meeting this week we read the account of Jesus walking on the water.  Lots of boats were headed across Galilee that afternoon – no one suspected anything.  But when the winds hit, and they couldn’t make any progress toward their destination, Jesus came walking on the water.  They were overwhelmed with fear.  They really didn’t know Jesus.  Yet.  I guess they hadn’t really listened to His sermons (what else is new?).  Yet.  And they hadn’t learned from His demonstrations of power.  Yet.  So when normal abruptly ended, they were stranded.


So don’t ever disparage normal.  Instead, listen to Jesus, follow even more closely the Savior.  Seek Him first. Normal won’t last too long anyway, there are other lessons to learn.


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