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Just Saying Posted 10.25.2013

Too often we assume that what happens on Sunday morning is the complete expression of our church family.  I do say it is the one aspect of our life together that the New Testament commands us not to neglect.  It is the one opportunity during the week to gather all together and worship God and be challenged by mutual fellowship.  So don’t get me wrong, it is a vitally important time for us – and a time that certainly we must not take casually.


But we express ourselves off campus and off Sundays. And it is actually quite exciting what God is leading folks to do to serve the community.  This could all come under the category, “did you know?”


Did you know that a team heads down the hill one Sunday a month to minister to the residents of Lomita Care Center?  They do.  There is a team that descends on the long-term residential care facility to share a service with them – and to bring some smiles and love to those who may not get too much attention.


Did you know that a team heads down the hill once a month (brand new time, by the way) to lead the evening worship service at Beacon Light Mission in Wilmington?  It’s true.  They are always looking for someone to preach and someone to lead worship.  It’s a great place to hone your skills and get involved with the homeless.  They do a great work at Beacon Light, and it’s a blessing to be involved.


Did you know that a team supports a local mobile medical clinic 3-4 times a year.  It is a medical/dental clinic, fully insured and equipped to minister to those for whom regular checkups and dental visits are too costly.  In fact, just yesterday, folks served in the latest medical mission.  It is similar to what we do as a church in Bombo each year, but the equipment is more sophisticated and our medical codes are all enforced.  And, just like Bombo, you don’t have to be a medical or dental professional to find a place to serve.  But, they are always looking for doctors.  Just saying.   And, we are working to host a clinic on our campus as some point in 2014.  At least that’s the rumor. 


I do know there are others engaging the community, but I either don’t know about it, or can’t remember those causes right now (which is a very distinct possibility, actually).  But you know what?  I hope that I did overlook something.  A couple of something’s.  We should be so involved with meeting the needs of the community that no one person can keep up with what is happening all over the South Bay through our church family.  We must penetrate our “Jerusalem.”  It is hard to justify sending a team to Africa every summer and yet ignore the needs around us.  God, lead us to follow You – everywhere, but especially close to home.  Of course, your outreach could start this week by inviting someone to the Harvest Festival.  Again, just saying.


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