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Lessons from the Sierras Posted 10.18.2013

I am back from our most recent fishing expedition in the Eastern Sierra.  The fishing was terrible, but I did learn some lessons while drowning our bait in the frigid waters above 8,000’.  Let me enlighten you on the week that was, our week away.

So there are always lessons to learn.  But the most important one is this:  God has created one beautiful world.  And if he spent six days crafting something of such beauty on earth– what could possibly await us in the City He’s been preparing for over 2,000 years.  Jesus has gone to prepare a place just for us.  What must that be like? But it must be spectacular and yet feel like home.


Big blue skies and mountains cascading down into blue lakes --- that is good for the soul.  What a refreshing perspective we can gain of the power and creativity and splendor of our God.  Just look around, God’s love and power is everywhere. 



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