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Life Lessons and the Hand of God Posted 8.21.2014

I’m getting a bad reputation on this trip to Uganda.  We are only a couple of days into it, but I am being accused of having “bad mojo.”  Not sure why.  Well….I only picked EVERY wrong line while at LAX, so that I was the next-to-the-last person to board the plane.  And I wasn’t even late arriving at the terminal.  Check-in was not a pleasant experience, and was such a relief to walk from that counter.  Until I got to security.  I chose the slowest one.  Who knew?


When we arrived in Entebbe one of our passengers was missing a bag.  How did I get blamed?  It was the bag with MY name on it which she checked in (I told you it was chaotic at the airport).


It really is a shame that I don’t believe in “bad mojo” because I could certainly spin a significant case that I am a prime example.  The food stains on my shirt.  The only horrible traffic in Kampala was with just me and Pastor Alex in the car.  The broken Nutella lid in my suitcase (the precious cargo for a taste of sweet). 


No matter how much you prepare, you cannot really prepare for the unexpected.  You can only react as a follower of Jesus.  At the airport, I was complimented on how I reacted.  My tubs were rejected as oversized as everyone else’s filed down the conveyor belt.  Really?  A supervisor straightened that out.  And I only got one boarding pass for half the trip.  But I asked for the second and it took a while to produce.  But people are watching how we react.  And someone was impressed with the way I reacted.  It wasn’t me who was impressed, but someone was.


Tonight, instead of turning off the lights to get some sleep, I am rehearsing my “mojo.”  But I realize that to delegate a set of circumstances to “mojo” instead of the sovereign hand of God, reduces my dependence and trust on Him.  He knows what I can take.  He is walking with me.  In fact, He is guiding my steps and knows what tomorrow holds.  So on a journey like this, I just hang on for the ride – and trust in the wisdom and goodness of God.  My world is not guided by “mojo” but by the hand of God.


We head out to Bombo itself soon, and one never knows what they’ll find.  But whatever we find, it has nothing to do with “mojo” – but it has everything to do with the hand of God.  The God who is good all the time.  That means I can rest in His hands.  It means I can move forward with confidence.  It means I don’t have to be afraid.  I can rest tonight in Him.  Relaxed in His care.  The things one learns when they step out of their comfortable life are amazing.  Here I am more dependent on Him minute by minute – because who knows the consequences of even the smallest decisions.  I need to live like that all the time.


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