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L-Tryptophan Posted 11.29.2013

Did you survive the onslaught of L-Tryptophan this week?  That’s the chemical in turkey that is notorious for making you sleepy.  I did do a little research, however, and discovered that the turkey is probably not the culprit for that desire to nap on Thursday afternoon.  In reality, chicken, pork and cheese contain just about as much L-Tryptophan as turkey.  And, for that chemical to make you drowsy, you need to take in on an empty stomach and without any other amino acids or protein.  So, I’m sure you didn’t just eat turkey on Thursday – so it could be all those other carbs you ate…or just the sheer volume of the meal…that made you sleepy. The reality is that you probably got sleepy because of the combination of the type of food, amount of food, and just the chance to relax around a meal and celebrate.  Anyway, I hope you had a great nap sometime this weekend.


But now we turn the corner to celebrate the coming of Jesus to planet earth.  I love it, but enter December with a bit of hesitation.  The days are very busy.  They will probably fly by too quickly.


I need to slow down.  I need to worship.  I need to contemplate the coming of Jesus to rescue me.  And I need to be sensitive to those around me who find this a difficult time of year.  It’s been a rough year at the church.  We have seen much loss, but much love in that loss as well.  I just want to slow down enough to catch some glimpses of His grace this holiday season.  And I want to encourage the discouraged, and provide hope for the hopeless. 


It may take some work, but this is the season to share.  To love.  To give ourselves to something bigger than any of us.  It’s the season to turn our heads, tune our hearts and worship a savior whose birth turned the world upside-down.


That is going to take effort.  Even though we are each busy, we can choose every day to worship Jesus fully.  I don’t want to just enjoy the holidays (making it about me) but I want to let Christmas change the world around me (making it about you….and God).


So this year I face a choice.  This year you face a choice.  Grumble our way through Christmas.  Or worship our way through Christmas.  It may have been, as Queen Elizabeth so famously said in 1992, an “annus horribillis” (horrible year) for you, but you must still choose to worship the One who came to rescue you. You can still choose to love all.  You can still choose to spend less.  You can still choose to give more of yourself.  Christmas is a choice.  A whole bunch of them.


It is time to turn the world upside-down with the story of Jesus.  He has turned our world upside-down, let’s now return the favor to all those we meet.  Do not just survive the holidays.  Thrive.  Walk daily in the light of the hope of Christmas.  Bring it on!

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