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Making A Difference in the Name of Jesus Posted 9.04.2015

Home. After two amazing weeks in Uganda, it is so wonderful to come home. I miss the vivid greens of the Ugandan landscape. I miss the smiles and hugs and warm hospitality of the Ugandan people. I miss the watching the impact a couple of hundred people are making as they serve side-by-side meeting needs of some pretty sick people.


Our partnership with Bombo Pentecostal Church deepens with each shared mission. For that week at least, we are a team, and they work so much longer than we do. Our team whisks in over one weekend and bolts out on the next. But the church team turns a school into a hospital — which is no easy task, and then turns it back into a school before we’ve flown away. They work for months to plan and pray and organize this clinic. And because of what they do, the impact grows each year.


Last week, a group drove seven hours to attend the mission. Now, they don’t have cars, so they used public transportation — which is not the most pleasant form of travel. They were at church on Sunday morning for worship, and then joined in the line to see a doctor. Some of them (there were maybe 20 folks) needed to see one of our specialty doctors — who weren’t arriving until Wednesday. So they waited. Together. They were allowed to sleep in the church buildings — which is no comfortable solution. But they waited. Slept. Waited. Watched. Oh yes, they watched us carefully.


Before they left for home, they gathered Pastor Alex and me together to share what they had observed about…us. I have it on tape and want to show it some time soon. But they (through Alex as interpreter) showered their appreciation on the service of Nolan Hicks, the 13-year-old grandson of Tom and Myrl Hicks. They had sat off in the distance and watched him “usher” patients from place to place around campus, helping them get to where they needed to go. They were impressed with his care, love, grace, and faithfulness. And they wanted us all to know.


Here is a group of folks who had tested the waters of our medical clinic over several years before bringing a large delegation from their church to receive treatment. That is the power of this clinic. That is the reputation of this clinic. And every team member can — and does — impact those who attend. Please ask questions of those who went in your place. It was a week of exhausting service — 10-hour days, a constant pressure to serve as many people as possible, and to do it with the grace and love of Jesus. This year, we didn’t leave once with prescriptions yet to be filled — that speaks volumes about the hard work in the pharmacy — “pharmacy rocks.” The Royal Society of Scanners was replaced with… a camera. That’s progress. I guess, but not nearly as fun.


Thank you for praying. Thank you for giving. Thank you for loving Uganda. Together, we make a difference in the name of Jesus.

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