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Miss Lady Invades My Space Posted 5.13.2016

We have a two-year-old in the house these days.  A toddler.  A bundle of energy. As a preschool director, my wife should recognize the behavior.  I forget those days with the kids, but for the past couple of weeks it is all coming back.  Painfully. The only difference this time around is that our two-year-old is really hairy and is only three months old.


It’s true, I was weak for just a couple of days and must have been crazy, but we got a puppy.  Our dog died in January, so its been a quiet house and I missed having a dog around.  But I forgot the pain of puppyhood.  Miss Lady joined the Welch household about three weeks ago.  She was just eight weeks old, cute as a button (even the vet says there is nothing as cute as a Golden Retriever puppy), and stole our heart.  And our life.


She did start sleeping through the night right away.  But the first couple of hours of the day are non-stop activity.  I have scars in various stages of healing – and then new gashed on top of those scars.  But she’s adorable, even with razor-sharp teeth.


Miss Lady is our fourth Golden, a string of pups that pre-dates the children.  So even though the months without a dog was nice, the house was too quiet after a long day in the office.  Well, that’s no longer the case.  Not even close.


Lady is a bundle of energy.  And cuteness.  But she can also remind me of some spiritual truths. Life is easily all about me.  My free time.  My relaxation.  My needs.  Now, we all need down time, but even then, life still isn’t about me.  It’s still not right for interruptions to bring a rotten attitude.  Don’t get me wrong, life’s not about a dog.  But, sometimes we make life so much about us and it’s the dog or the kids who have to bring us a reality check.  Serve.  Submit.  Be humble.  The Savior came with an amazingly submissive attitude – and He didn’t get a vacation from that attitude at all during life.  In fact, that attitude brought Him to the cross.


So in all her cuteness, Miss Lady sucks out a lot of couch time.  And she reminds me that training her is not so much about her – as it is about me.  I have to learn some consistency.  I have to learn more patience.  I have to learn to be firm and gracious and kind, even as I’m reaching for another Band-Aid. 


So there is a puppy in the Welch home.  I know.  We are crazy.  I can’t tell whether it’s my age or the dog which is exhausting me these days.  She does have a way of wearing one down, and I wear down faster than she does.  So, maybe she’ll help me with some stamina development.  Maybe after I get used to this I can preach longer!  Sweet.  But more realistically, she’ll help me develop patience.  And consistency.  If so, I’m glad she’s around.  Besides, she raises the cuteness meter in every family photo.  Did I mention she was adorable?


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