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Our Creator God Posted 12.17.2014

It happens every couple of years.  Well, at least lately it has.  I am secluded in a medical room and the lights are turned off so the tech can read a monitor.  Danny is lying on a table and paper crinkling as he adjusts.  He’s plied up with ice-cold gel.  Although he never says a thing, I think the tech knows she’s making life a bit miserable as she shoves her scope in between ribs and then up his abdomen.


Anyway, as I sat there on Monday of this week I watched another echocardiogram on Danny’s heart.  They have become rather predicable, actually.  For some reason I watched the monitor carefully this year.  It seemed to me the images I saw were clearer than ever.  Maybe the adult cardiologist has newer equipment than his old pediatric cardiologist.  But that’s a layman’s observation.  Maybe it was just darker in the room so I could see the images in greater detail.


But I watched the human heart.  Danny’s heart.  Beat after beat.  Over and over and over again.  All the moving parts were truly overwhelming.  Valves opened and closed. I saw what appeared to be hands clapping in celebration as the blood flowed through the valve.  Once, the tech backed out away from the heart for a moment and I could see it as a tight muscle contracting and then relaxing.  Secretly, I wiped a tear away.  But don’t tell Danny.


I was overwhelmed.  The heart is an amazing instrument.  And I’m supposed to believe it just evolved?  Really?  How could something so intricate and delicate have just arrived inside a human body through mutation and natural selection? How many mutations would it have taken for a creature with no heart to appear with a functioning heart?  I was wept to myself in the dark and calm of that moment.  I know the God who designed that heart.  Every millimeter of it.


Then, I observed the screen.  What did I conclude about it?  That it had been created by some very smart people – the things it can measure and see are beyond accident.  Just like the heart. I would never conclude that the machine evolved.  So why would the human heart?  Why a human being?  Someone designed the machine that allowed me to see the heart.  But I’m supposed to believe that the heart itself was the result of some random process?  Really?  To think the human heart evolved challenges the boundaries of reason.


I was overwhelmed (again) at the complexity of human anatomy.  The tech looked at Danny’s heart and marveled at the surgeon’s skillful repair all those years ago.  I looked at marveled as well.  But I looked beyond the skill of the surgeon to the hand of God. 


I come to Christmas with that same awe.  This God, who made the human body, so loved His creative handiwork that He sent His Son to provide for the redemption of that body.  And soul.  This week we remember good news of great joy.  That news should drive us to our knees in worship and awe.  Because we serve an awesome God.


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