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Phil At Christmas? Posted 12.20.2013

It’s so close we can see it.  Christmas.  At our house the cookie tins are brimming with sugary morsels ready to add some tonnage to my waistline.  I think all the gifts are purchased, although I can never really be sure.  The children are all home (the best part of Christmas).  That’s all I want.  That, and to be left alone.


So as I settle into holiday bliss, I turn on the news.  Mistake.  What’s the headline?  Phil Robertson.  I can be known to watch (alone) “Duck Dynasty.”  It does seem a bit contrived.  But when GQ interviewed the patriarch of the Robertson clan for an article in January’s edition, the network suspended him for expressing his view that homosexuality is sin.  Now, I wouldn’t have done an interview for GQ, and if I did, I probably would have couched my views somewhat more delicately.  But what Phil said is hard for me to label as unbiblical.  But today, you can’t say that homosexuality is a sin.  But, of course, you can depict a sex act on live TV.  Oh, what a world in which to live. It is all a bit confusing, is it not?  And distracting from Christmas.


Al Mohler had this to say, “An interesting parallel emerges with the timing of this controversy. The current issue of TIME magazine features Pope Francis I as “Person of the Year.” Within days of TIME’s declaration, Phil Robertson had been suspended from Duck Dynasty. Robertson’s suspension was caused by his statements that homosexual acts are sinful. But Pope Francis is riding a wave of glowing publicity, even as he has stated in public his agreement with all that the Roman Catholic Church teaches, including its teachings on homosexual acts.


“Francis has declared himself to be a ‘son of the church,’ and his church teaches that all homosexual acts are inherently sinful and must be seen as ‘acts of grave depravity’ that are ‘intrinsically disordered.’


“But Pope Francis is on the cover of TIME magazine and Phil Robertson is on indefinite suspension. Such are the inconsistencies, confusions, and hypocrisies of our cultural moment.”


I just want a peaceful Christmas.  I want to hide in my cocoon, celebrating the coming of my Jesus.  Don’t distract me.  Don’t challenge me.  Leave me alone, world. But that is not what Christmas is all about, except in the world of my imagination.  Christmas is all about inconvenience, modeled in those moments in Bethlehem.  Christmas isn’t about cookies or lights or really even family.  It is about incarnation.  God took on the trappings of flesh.  Talk about inconvenient.  And since He came, I serve.  Even when I want to hide, I stand for truth and meet the needs along my path. Don’t let this season itself be an excuse, keeping you from serving or speaking the message of grace and love.


Christmas is close, but we engage our world.  Don’t let even the wonders of the season distract you from serving Him.  It may be those cookies.  Lights.  Gifts.  Hypocrisy.  Phil Robertson. Live the truth by serving Him in the most inconvenient of moments.  Bethlehem changed everything.


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