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Pomp, Circumstance, and Reflection Posted 5.21.2014

My weekend was filled with pomp and circumstance.  Literally.  It is graduation season and it hit my home like a truck.  There were events on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, as Lindsey graduated from Biola University.  But as I contemplate this significant event in her life (well, in mine too, of course) there are mixed emotions.  Where’s my little girl?  How old am I?  Where did time go?


Each stage of parenting has its challenges.  When I came to Peninsula the older and wiser parents told me to enjoy the preschool age because what’s coming is not pleasant.  Really?  Well, to an exhausted parent who climbs into bed in a state of exhaustion, that wasn’t terribly comforting.  It’s going to get worse?  I think I met a friend of Job.


But as I look back, each step of process of parenting had its challenges and its joys.  I wouldn’t trade any of it – but now with a couple of college degrees under the parental belt, I am not bemoaning that there’s only one more to go.  To be honest, some of the most challenging days of parenting were those high school days when college loomed on the horizon and the social pressure to get into the “right” school was enormous.  So I don’t miss those decisions and pressures at all.


I have learned to enjoy the stage of parenting in which I find myself -- today.  Today I have two out of college, but only one with a job.  I have one in college, and no job there either.  But you know, I have three great kids who love Jesus and who will make wise and competent decisions as they seek God with all their heart.


Yes, my mind went back this week and retraced the significant moments in the life of my graduate.  I remembered the birthday parties and the vacations and the encouragement to keep on studying and the sports and the friends and the scrapes and the triumphs and the struggles.  That’s a lot to think about in a week.  I was busy.


But when you go through the process you do come out on the other side.  And at that time there comes a growing satisfaction in what God has done.  Not me.  I will not get any parenting award.  I made plenty of mistakes (please, please don’t bother to ask my kids).  And I still make mistakes.  But that is no excuse.  It is for me instead, a testimony that God is a much better Father than I could ever be, so I trust Him to father my children and make up through His grace for my failings.  And He has been faithful. Through every step and phase.  He’s been faithful all the way.  He has provided an amazing church family to come along side and fill in the cracks of my weaknesses.  And for God and that family I give thanks this morning.  Let’s keep raising a generation who will love Jesus above all else.  Because that is all that really matters.



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