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Praying For You, Jack! Posted 7.15.2016

It’s been nice having Jack McGregor around for the last year or so.  After the rigors of Stanford, I hope that this past year has refreshed you and provided you with the emotional resources you’ll need for the next phase of study.  For the rest of us, here’s your fair warning:  Jack won’t be around much longer.  Talk to him on the patio now.  Life is about the change for him.  Big time.


In just a couple of weeks, Jack starts medical school (in a school which shall remain nameless) and the long journey toward medical proficiency begins.  It’s been amazing to watch Daniel DeMoss tread those same waters over the past years and years.  It is a long haul which requires rigorous study, sacrifices of time and relationships, and huge amounts of self-discipline (and lack of sleep).


Jack, you have a long course ahead of you – but always know that life gets rough – we are praying for you.  You soon begin the journey from working in Triage at the annual Bombo clinic – to maybe having your very own blue-tarp-lined “office” in rural Uganda.  You will then get to see patients by the hundreds.  That’s certainly something to shoot for.  Oh, the perks of the medical profession!  We offer so much on that annual medical mission.  A doctor actually gets to investigate the medical histories of their patients (without a nurse) -- and also see several patients at a time, making snap decisions with a limited drug list.  Besides all that, the waiting room is full of patients just waiting to start the process all over again.


So, Jack, study hard.  Study well.  We need you.  But, do not forget the goal.  And that goal is not really to become the best doctor in the world.  The goal is really to become a doctor who will bring glory to God in every moment.  Even during these years of preparation.  And just think, to be able to diagnose a person physically – and spiritually – well, those are some powerful tools in the arsenal of God.


The most basic question everyone faces in life is Why am I here?  What is my purpose?  The starting place to discover the answer to those questions is God and His eternal purposes for each of us.  Real meaning and significance comes from understanding and fulfilling God's purposes for putting us on earth.  And what have we learned so clearly from God’s Word?  Life’s not about you.  May none of us ever forget that truth as we launch out in life.


So Jack, here is my wisdom, for what it’s worth.  Above all, love Jesus.  Study hard.  Rejuvenate often.  Stay in the Word.  I hope that at church we have made it very clear that life is about God and His glory.    There is a community of people in need of the skills you’ll acquire in these next seven or eight or nine or ten years.  The pain of the journey will be worth it when you get that blue-tarped exam room!


May we all live for His glory.  No matter what.  No matter where.  No matter.


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