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Pressure - A Tool for Spiritual Growth? Posted 10.24.2014

Pressure.  I don’t really like it, but sometimes I do my best work under some pressure.  Sometimes. As I write I’m under some pressure.  And, no, I don’t like it very much.


You see, we have a new person formatting the Worship Folder while Christina is on maternity leave.  Reaching the keyboard is getting tough for her, so I went ahead and approved her time off before the twins actually arrive.  I’m such a nice guy.  Anyway, I made a huge point in staff meeting this week that in the next few months everything for the Worship Folder must be in by early Thursday.  Once it is saved at the closing buzzer on Thursday, nothing, zero, nada, zip can be added.  No Friday edits. I am putting my foot down…and trying to not overburden the office during this maternity leave.


The only problem is….me. I am now under self-imposed pressure to get the Back Page done on Thursday.  Not Friday.  To be honest, adding the Back Page to the Worship Folder is not that big a deal (don’t you love the cut and paste options on our computers).  And, there will be weeks where it won’t get done until Friday.  But, week one I should try to set the example.  So what do you write about when under pressure to write coherently about something?


If the juices are flowing, creativity is not a problem.  Or if I’ve been a huge buffoon early in the week, it’s not a problem.  But when the brain is in desert mode, coming up with something to write about is a struggle.  And so I am back under pressure. I’m thrilled.  The minutes are fleeting away and I really want to set a positive tone and obey my own dictates.  At least this once.


How well so you write under pressure?  How well do you respond to pressure?  Sometimes I can get creative (you’ll have to determine if this was one of those moments).  Mostly I just spin my wheels (which might just be happening right now) and get nowhere.  But that deadline and joy of checking something off the “to do” list – and let’s be honest, the pride of saying on week one I followed the rules, pushes me ahead.


Pressure needs to be something that stirs within us a heart for God.  The normal benefit of a pressure situation is that I have to – and I mean have to – rely on God.  I can no longer move in the power and wisdom of my flesh – but must rely on the leading and grace of the Spirit to step forward.  So it is out of a pressure situation that my view of God clarifies and I learn (again) how reliable He is and how unreliable I am.  So this morning, think back to the pressure of this week, and take a few moments to pause, breathe deep, acknowledge the greatness of God – and come to worship Him. What did you learn through the pressure situations this week?  Let those moments draw you to God.  If they don’t, they may just be a waste of time (and ink).  Which I hope this isn’t.


And, nag me again, Bryan Tuttle , and I'll mention your name.

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