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Progress in Bombo Posted 1.20.2017

There is always a little bit of a risk when you open and email, right? Sometimes it is not all that wonderful, but other times it is a blessing.  I got an email on Thursday that was in the “blessing” department.  It came from Pastor Alex in Bombo, Uganda.  His medical clinic team met recently to evaluate the Life Medical Center on their church property.  Peninsula funded that building project.  The clinic is used during our annual medical mission in August as a surgical center, but in the rest of the year it is an out-patient facility for the community.


We always wonder how it is doing from day to day.  But, now we know.  Here is what Alex said:


We had an evaluation and planning meeting for the medical centre the first week of the January. We are pleased to note that the medical centre made great progress in 2016. 


There was growth is attendance, increase in income, increase in number of staff employed, improved quality of service and patient care, increase in the range of services offered, improved laboratory services (our lab now serves most of the clinics and health centres in Bombo), and improved management of personnel and other resources. The new bench mark that we have set for this year will among other things seek to further improve on the areas where we are already doing well. Some of the areas where we intend pay attention are:  procurement, stock keeping, storage, data capturing, information sharing. The theatre will soon be fully operational. 


Regarding information, the medical centre will prepare and provide a summary report of general activities at the end of every month. This will be drawn from a weekly report that is provided every Saturday.  


Life Medical Centre intends to expand in a number of areas:


Maternity services. The medical centre has employed a full time maternity nurse to provide pre- and post-natal services, and immunizations. She will also be delivering mothers. 


Dental clinic. Many people come to the Medical centre with dental related issues. We are considering expanding our services to provide basic dental care (extraction, filling and oral care).


Admission ward for patients. With the theatre becoming operational and increasing maternity activity, we are going to need more space for admission. 

The need for us to expand now is inevitable and prayerfully I hope that this can in some way happen. 


Community outreach. Dr. Henry Galiwango is designing a program for reaching into the community with some basic health services free of charge. This will include VCT for HIV, testing for diabetes and Hypertension, de-worming, and health education. 


That’s a lot of hallelujah’s!  Don’t forget we are funding Dr. Henry’s medical school training (through Pastor Ken’s Sunday School class).   But you know what is exciting?  The people of Bombo are making this all work.  They are keeping things open all year.  They are reaching their community with the love of Jesus through the tools we provided.  They are deciding and implementing the direction.  I’m excited.  God is at work – and we’ve got a whole year of ministry ahead of us!  Who’s joining Team Bombo this year?


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