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Responding To Evil Posted 7.17.2015

I wept a couple of times this week.  My kids would say that’s not unusual – but what do they know?  It was odd because I wept as I watched the news.  Really?  I’m sure you have seen the undercover video of a doctor eating lunch and discussing the procedures used to secure “fetal tissue.”  I didn’t want to rant or rave….just cry.  So I did.  The callous discussion was heartbreaking.  I hope people continue to uncover the disgusting practices of Planned Parenthood.


But how should we respond?  Protests and emails are easy, so maybe we should consider the narrow way.  John Piper tweeted a link to an article that got me to thinking differently.  I discovered five things we could all do in protest of Planned Parenthood.  Ready?


1.  Love Children.  We are becoming a nation that loves children less and less.  Kids are an obstacle to our pursuit of the American dream.  Do we look down on those with large families?  The Bible is overwhelmingly positive in its language about children and our words and actions ought to reflect the heart and values of the Bible.


2.  Have More Children.  Our desire to build families full of expensive, inconvenient, and precious little boys and girls should powerfully set us apart from the rest of the world.  Children are a worthy and eternal investment.  Get a longer view of life!


3.  Adopt Children.  Put our theology in action by adopting children.  Have you ever considered it?  Start some conversations, pray, and ask if God might have you adopt.  Adoption screams to our society that children are wanted and loved.


4.  Instruct Children.  There are many commands in the Bible about the role of adults in teaching children.  We must never neglect the discipline and training of our children.  As society becomes more and more godless (is that even possible?), we have to be ready to make hard choices.  Education is never neutral.  We have to be thinking, praying, planning, and investing in how to teach children to think and feel and act for the glory of God.


5.  Give for Children.  All of this costs lots of money.  Lots of it.  You may be at a stage of life these things are no longer an option, but you still love children and want to help.  Consider giving.  Time.  Money.  Babysitting.  Diapers.  Get involved in a local agency that supports adoption.  Or a Christian school that is teaching godly values.  Or a class here at church which will demonstrate every week a love for children and God’s Word.


The article concludes, “When the world sees us love little ones in these days, they will be forcefully and beautifully confronted with the love of God himself.  These are the fruits – the offspring – of his adopting love for sinners, welcoming them with all their sin into his family forever.  Few things tell the story of the gospel more clearly and more tangibly than our passionate, persistent love of the young and defenseless, those our nation so cavalierly and shockingly discards.”


May our lifestyle reflect our words.

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