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Signage of the Times Posted 6.02.2016

I didn’t think I would ever write a Back Page about the signage outside of restrooms.  But such are the days in which we live.  There are no changes planned for our signage here at Peninsula, let’s just start there to relieve some of the tension.  We may be in the minority, however.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the federal government spent millions to remark all of their restrooms across the country.  Like we don’t have anything better on which to spend our money?  I guess not.


The folks in North Carolina have sure stirred up a firestorm of attention over these past couple of months.  Of course, the response from Washington D.C. has amped up the discussion – and will keep a bunch of lawyers employed and judges very busy.  The Obama Department of Justice has brought the entire weight of the federal government into the discussion.  All North Carolina wanted to do was to state clearly that you had to use the restroom whose sign corresponded to the gender indicated on your birth certificate.  Wow, that is radical, is it not?  Men use the Men’s Room and women use the Women’s Room. 


Enter Vanita Gupta, acting chief of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice.  She concluded that with this bill, North Carolina is engaging in a pattern of discrimination against transgender people.


The ramifications of her decision are impacting the entire nation.  This isn’t just about North Carolina any more.  We are about to undergo a sea change in restroom signage.


I haven’t said much about this issue.  I find that if I give an issues some time to percolate, my response is more reasoned and wise.  Well, that’s the hope anyway.  Don’t mistake that quiet for support. This week, I read a piece by Joe Belz in World Magazine (order a subscription – it’s well worth it) which struck just the right tone.  At least for me.  Let me share in my own words what he argued about this issue.  The article was, by the way, his second piece on this very topic this year.  Who would have thought it would have come to this?  Bathroom politics.  And so quickly?


Do not miss what this restroom debate is really all about.  Please.  The debate in North Carolina and across the nation is not really about rights for sexually bewildered people.  And it’s not really even about sexual privacy.  So what is at stake in this current national debate?


“The real matter at stake is our culture’s constant rejection of God’s creation order and its blatant denial that God created us male and female – and then called that very good.”


Bingo.  We’ve come up with a better way than God – choose your own gender.  We are smarter and more compassionate than God.  We know better.  We have another flagrant rejection of biblical truth.  No one ever expected the speed with which same-sex marriage would be accepted and made into law.  And so with even greater speed we are accepting new falsehoods about our sexual identity that a very short time ago would have been unimaginable. 


And what is most disturbing is that the shift enjoys the federal government’s explicit support.


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