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Summer Assignment Posted 7.01.2016

It’s been quite an eventful week for me.  Conferences are exhausting.  Attending seminars is hard on the body.  I’m not sure what’s in more pain, the body or the soul.  But it was a great week.  I’ve been at Saddleback all week with Pastors Bruce and Dan.  Great week.  Long week.  Stretching week.  But, it’s given me an idea. 


With summer in full swing, lots of you will be traveling.  A lot.  So, can we make all the travel serve a purpose for Peninsula?  I think so.  I hope so.  I am appointing you to the advance scouting team for the church.  Are you up to the task?  I am looking for ideas to fine tune what we do around here.  From greeting guests to the worship folder to making the worship service more meaningful. 


When you aren’t in the South Bay on a Sunday for the rest of the year – find the most alive church you can in the area.  Search the internet or the newspaper or just ask somebody.  Then, go to that church.  Be my emissary.


Get a worship folder.  Snag some literature.  What impresses you?  If something stands out as something that could help us improve – jot it down somewhere.  When you get back home, bring me those worship folders, fliers, and ideas. 


We want to effectively do God’s will in our generation.  And we can always do that a little bit better.  So let’s be more intentional in how we fulfill our purpose here in the South Bay.  Scout around.  Observe.  Take some notes.  Share them back here at home.  You never know what God will do with those moments that you invest as my eyes and ears around the country – or even around the world.


Let’s be honest, I am not above borrowing ideas from anyone.  We need to learn from people who are effective in their own community – that will only make us more effective.  It’s valuable to visit a church through the eyes of a visitor.  Put yourself in the shoes of those who come here for the first time.  How can we make them feel more welcome?  How can we show them the compassion of God?


So you have a mission on vacation.  I guess that’s sort of permission to travel, right?  Be on mission this summer.  Scour the nation to discover what God is using to make His church effective in a local community.  That will only make us better right here at home.


It is my prayer that we will always be open to innovation.  Not just to change things up, but to make sure Jesus is the clear object of our worship and God the center of our lives.  We are not the same place as we were ten years ago.  But what’s going to take us to the next level?  I’m not sure right now, but I am willing to take some risks if it means we impact more people for Jesus.  So open up those eyes – and be on mission this summer.


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