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Thanks! Posted 10.03.2014

This week my mind is reliving every moment of last weekend.  Those were amazing moments.  I appreciated having both former senior pastors here – and Doug Stolhand.  Wayne Frase was overwhelmed with the weekend and delighted that he and Jackie made the trip to SoCal.


I’ve been rehashing the weekend, and what I’ve come to appreciate more and more this week, is you….all the folks who worked behind the scenes to pull off this once-in-a-lifetime event.  At the risk of missing someone, I am going to name names because so many worked so hard behind-the-scenes.


It begins with the team that met over eight times to plan and dream and make the important directional decisions.  A special thanks to Sheila Medawar, Khris Keith, Sissy Shaffer, Heidi Wallace, and Jenn Cox.  Those ladies are energetic, sacrificial, creative, and a lot of fun.  They put in hours and hours to pull off this truly classy event.


And then there is the office staff.  And, you have no idea how much time and energy this Remember event consumed in the office.  Christina plugged away tirelessly, even with her physical limitations and a moveable target.  And Linda?  Well, let’s just say this even would not have happened without her careful management of the details.  She worked hard and smiled through it all.


And then there is the staff – who each had to put in extra time to pull together this event.  And they did it wholeheartedly and with the attitude of a servant.  So, thanks, Joanna, Ken, Bruce, and Daniel.  Honorable mention has to go to Angel, who whipped this facility into shape over the past couple of weeks.  He got that floor in the Fellowship Hall clean enough to cook on – and touched up paint just about everywhere –and was dragging the day before the event.


And what can I say about Roy Medawar?  His video was for me a highlight of the night.  Thanks to those who volunteered in front of the camera – and behind.  You blessed me immensely and provided context for our celebrations.


And then there is my family.  I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge their patience with me in the run-up to the event – and their ideas and suggestions and nudges. The last few weeks have not been the most pleasant in our home.  Not horrible, just tense and focused.  And let’s face it, my wife is amazing.  Her fingerprints are all over everything I do, and that is especially true of this Remember event.


And here’s where I could get into trouble, attempting to list all those who pitched in with setup and cleanup and gift bag stuffing and the mailing of invitations and nametag preparation and decorating and table cloth washing and on and on.  Let me just say that it took a village to pull off last weekend – and I am grateful.


Last weekend was great.  But we aren’t done yet.  It is time now for an internal celebration of God’s faithfulness.  And that’s what November 23 is all about.  It is time for us…for us who are here….to rejoice!


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