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Thanks to God Posted 11.20.2015

With one of my favorite holidays of the year coming up, my memories of Thanksgivings past crowd into my mind.  As a kid there was one song we always (and I mean always) sung on this Sunday morning.  It is a little sing songy as far as the melody goes, but I never noticed.  It was one of the few songs we would sing at least one verse in its original language – Swedish.  It meant nothing to me, but as an adult I can understand the sentiment.


The author of that song was August Ludvig Storm, who was born in Sweden. As a young man, he came to Christ in a Salvation Army meeting. Soon he joined the Salvation Army Corps. He wrote the text for that Thanksgiving hymn for the Army publication, “The War Cry,” on December 5, 1891.


The original Swedish version had four stanzas, with each verse beginning with the word “tack”  -- in English, thanks. The gratitude expressed to God ranges from the dark and dreary fall to the pleasant, balmy springtime, from pain to pleasure, from thorns as well as roses.


At the age of thirty-seven, August Storm suffered a back ailment that left him crippled for life, but he served in the Salvation Army until his death.  A year before his death in 1914, he would write another poem, thanking God for the years of calm and quiet as well as for the years of pain.


This morning, I just ask you so reflect on the profound words penned by a man who knew what life and walking with God was all about.  And in the end, he simply expressed a deep heart-felt gratitude to and for his Savior.  May that be the hallmark of the week ahead for us.


            Thanks to God for my Redeemer, Thanks for all Thou dost provide!

            Thanks for times now but a memory, Thanks for Jesus by my side!

            Thanks for pleasant, balmy springtime, Thanks for dark and dreary fall!

            Thanks for tears by now forgotten, Thanks for peace within my soul!


            Thanks for prayers that Thou hast answered, Thanks for what Thou dost deny!

            Thanks for storms that I have weathered, Thanks for all Thou dost supply!

            Thanks for pain and thanks for pleasure, Thanks for comfort in despair!

            Thanks for grace that none can measure, Thanks for love beyond compare!


            Thanks for roses by the wayside, Thanks for thorns their stems contain!

            Thanks for home and thanks for fireside, Thanks for hope, that sweet refrain!

            Thanks for joy and thanks for sorrow, Thanks for heavenly peace with Thee!

            Thanks for hope in the tomorrow, Thanks thru all eternity!


And for my mom . . .  “Tack, o Gud, för vad du varit….”




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