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The Small Group Posted 11.20.2013

This week our Community Group finally finished the fall series on “Jesus Saves.”  Perhaps we are a bit on the slow side – but we did finish.  Life’s a marathon, not a sprint….right?  So on Wednesday we went around the table and shared our testimonies.  It was such an engaging evening, that one of our folks even canceled another appointment that evening to stick around and hear all the testimonies.  It was a special evening, an evening during which I learned a couple of things.  Maybe more.


God is weaving a wide variety of stories together to form the tapestry of His plan and purpose.  Some of us had come to know Jesus in childhood – others as adults.  But, it was the work of God that made the evening special.  It is all about Him.  The “hound of heaven” never gave up on any of us, and that night we told stories of His grace.  And our group is just a taste of the larger church family – I can’t imagine the fascinating stories that are in the chairs all around you this morning.


I also learned the power of the personal testimony on Wednesday night.  If you never have done that in your small group – I strongly encourage you to take on the assignment.  In two pages, double-spaced, craft the story God is telling through you.  How did you come to know Jesus, and what changes and struggles do you face today as a result?  It will be a powerful two pages.  We have all faced huge hurts and struggles in life, in writing them down, we are reminded of the power of God and the wisdom of God in giving us no more that we can handle, even though it can sure seem otherwise when facing the trial up close.


I enter this week of Thanksgiving grateful for my home group – and my church family.  It takes work to be able to focus on God each and every week, and not the latest snub we’ve experienced.  It takes work to be unified as we enter another year.  We have just completed 49 years as a church family, and God is at work.  He is knitting us together in a way that will allow us to continue to declare His glory and grace all around the world for another 49 years, Lord willing.  Are we perfect?  Not even close.  Are we healthy?  Most definitely.  And so – we press on.


One of the themes that emerged as we shared together was that as we each endured great trials, the hand of God proved faithful.  And that is we all must see.  I cannot explain every mystery in the pages of the Bible.  I cannot divine where God is going to lead us next.  But I can see where we have been and therefore have confidence in tomorrow.  Just as God is moving within us individually, He is leading us collectively.  Without a doubt.  And that gets me stoked for tomorrow.


I am thankful for you.  And my home group.  May we all continue to display the never-ending story of God in our lives, that we might until the day He takes us home, reflect His grace and His glory.  Happy Thanksgiving!



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