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The Stage of The Empty Nest Posted 2.21.2014

The house is much quieter these days.  Except for those occasional weekends.


The washing machine must think we are mad at it, for it use has at least been cut in half.  Except for those occasional weekends.


The refrigerator has never been so empty; there is only one gallon of milk staying chilled, not the usual two…or three.  Except for those occasional weekends.


The cars in the driveway can actually park without the precision of a flight controller.  We don’t have to make room for five cars every night and make sure the right car is free to leave at the appropriate time in the morning.  Except for those occasional weekends.


The house sure stays cleaner these days.  The dust still falls, but everything just seems to stays put much better than it used to.  Except for those occasional weekends.


The dishwasher sits empty for days without cleaning a single dish.  Except for those occasional weekends.


Of course, there are the downsides.  I have to feed the dog every single night, there’s no one around to pawn off that task.  I don’t get to watch quite as many “manly” shows.  There’s no one to clear the table after dinner or load the dishwasher.  Except for those occasional weekends.  Well, to be honest, not even on the weekends either.


I’m hoping the electrical bill will noticeably shrink.  There aren’t video games being played late into the night. Except for those occasional weekends.


Life is full of transitions.  And with no children around the house (except for those occasional weekends) life is just….different.  I’m not saying it is good or bad, just different. There are some things I love about the empty nest, there are other things I don’t love so much.  But such is the nature of life – and the point of raising children to maturity is not to meet our needs, but to send them out into the world to make a difference and carve their own path.  There will still be moments when the arrows in my quiver will need some molding and shaping, but there will not be too much time left for that now.  I just ask for the wisdom to know when to mold and when to let go.  It is not an easy path to trod.


It does make me deepen my appreciation for a God who knows when to step into my life and when to step back.  His plan and His wisdom are perfect and I must learn even more to submit to Him.  The wisdom of my Father’s actions motivates me to act in wisdom in the lives of my children.  Through all the change I know and relish my position as a child of God.  Safe.  Secure.  Loved.  As the roles begin to shift with my children, may I be found with that same net of safety and security and love.


As life changes, do you do you know what I like most?  Yep, those occasional weekends. 


And summer.


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