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The Vortex of Distraction Posted 2.27.2015

Sometimes life distracts us, right?  Hopefully it is just for an hour or two.  But on a bad day, it could last all afternoon.  But then, every once in a while, the vortex of distraction strikes and I experience a full day – or sometimes two – of distraction.  That’s painful.  But let’s be honest, it is likely most painful for you sitting in the chairs on Sunday morning.  But those weeks happen.  God’s grace usually compensates.  But fortunately the vortex of distraction is a rare phenomenon, and can be countered with a late night in the study.  Usually, at least.


Let me just say, this was a vortex week.  The mind was pulled in multiple directions for multiple days.  It was a vortex.  Now, I’m not blaming anything or anyone.  It was all me.  It was my mind that wandered.


What kept me focused this week?  Not much.  But how I retained my focus this week was simple.  When I wanted to chase wildflowers instead of marching forward, there was one thing that reigned me in. Isaiah.  Let me be more specific, it was the struggle of accepting my own challenge that kept me on task.  It was the work, and it was hard, of memorizing our text for this week’s message that brought order to life.


I found it a daunting task to carve these verses into my easily distractible brain.  It was not easy, and as I write I am not fully successful. There is still time before Sunday morning; I still have some hope to finish well. I have to admit it was a mountain of a project.  But when I face a mountain it does force my undivided attention, or progress halts.


To stand at top of the mountain is amazing, but it is the journey to the top that changes life.  The truth I would so easily have trampled over becomes the bread and water of life. It is the Word that keeps me on the right path.  It is the discipline of memorizing the text that forces my mind to concentrate on the task at hand.


Such is the power of the Word.  To unleash its power in my life requires the focus of my attention.  And there is nothing more powerful when the vortex of distraction hits.  At least for me.  When I get pulled in many directions, I require an anchor to hold me in place.


So once again I extend to you the March Memory Verse Challenge.  It might just be the ultimate March Madness!  Will you pick up the gauntlet and use this month to commit to memory the fourth of the Servant Songs of Isaiah.  This is not going to be easy, but it is going to be rewarding.  As we prepare for Passion Week, will we battle distraction and deepen our walk with God by turning over and over in our mind the truth of God’s Word?  I sure hope so.


And then don’t forget, if you get a little extra sleepy this morning, it might not be you!  It might have been the vortex of distraction.


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