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To Corinth and Back Posted 10.15.2015

Good morning!  Well, I’m back in the saddle.  And loving it.  Many have asked (ok, everybody asks) about our time away – we had a fabulous time in Greece, Turkey, and Venice.  We dreamed about it all year and the trip didn’t disappoint.  Not one bit. 


What was the highlight?  There were many, actually.  I thoroughly enjoyed walking around Corinth, seeing the acropolis with its panoramic views, the museum with its treasures, and then, the Bema, with its biblical significance.  It is stands as a testament to the truth of God’s Word, past and future.  It is from that place that Paul made his defense before the people….and symbolically where we will all stand some day, making our defense in front of Christ.  Sobering truth.


After we left the ruins of Corinth, our guide took us to the modern canal….and then to the harbor of Corinth, Cenchrea.  Wow.  It was deserted and amazing.  The crowds were gone and we could just imagine the departure of Paul from this port.


Of course, there was Ephesus – it is amazing and a must-see.  I had been before, so it was not quite so overwhelming to me personally.  Besides, it was crowded.  Oh my, the thundering hoards were everywhere.  But the ruins are impressive.


And Rhodes was beautiful.  Three large harbors and a walled city – impressive.  To walk those ancient streets was fascinating.  Paul was there as well, on that journey to Jerusalem with the offering to the suffering church back “home.”  The harbor provided a safe haven on a dangerous journey.


What struck me most about the journey was simply the size and magnificence of each city we visited.  And today they are but ruins.  To take the Gospel into such settings had to have been daunting.  To be a Jew in such a setting….and then to come to faith in Jesus, required great faith.  To share that story required great courage.  The cities are large and sophisticated.  The culture dominated everything and the power of Rome was without equal.  It took people of courage to be a witness to Truth.


And not much has changed today.  It is going to take people of courage to witness to those in our world as well.  To stand against the skepticism of our age is not easy.  We are consider fools, so it continue to take courage to share Truth.  That, and the power of the Holy Spirit, as in the first century.


But I have to listen to a warning from Ephesus as well. There is no city of much consequence there any longer.  And more significantly, there is no vibrant church proclaiming to all of Asia Minor the unsearchable riches of Christ.  The light has gone dim.  So we must be careful to follow the leading of the Shepherd in our church that we might stand the rigorous assaults against the church of Jesus Christ.


And to be honest, that’s exactly why I’m glad to be back in the saddle.  I was away long enough to rest – and recharge – for the rest of my journey, the journey to shine the light of Jesus to the South Bay and beyond.

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