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To Texas and Back Again Posted 2.26.2016

I spent four days in Dallas this week. It can be refreshing to get away – and amazing to get back home.  These days in Texas proved both to be true.  But this week, I learned some things about Texas.  Perhaps 35 years have dulled my memory, but in driving around, I learned some things.  Some of those things have made me look forward to that plane ride home in the morning. What are my observations?

So as I type on Thursday night, it’ll be great to get on that airplane in the morning. It will be good to get back onto SoCal turf.  I will miss some good friends in this part of the country.  I will miss roads that allow cars to move at a decent speed. I do hope to bring some rain with me to refresh our parched ground.


But this week was also about saying farewell to Dr. Charles Ryrie.  I did that with about a thousand of my closest friends.  Hardly anyone knew me in that auditorium, but it didn’t matter.  I honored a man I loved and who loved me.  I got to spend an evening at his daughter’s house and renew a friendship and swap stories of a time long gone.  We grieve with hope.


It was a good week.  I am blessed to have had the freedom and support to make the trek to this land all its own.  But California, here I come.  Let us continue to faithful serve the King in and through the place where we live.  May we grow people to impact their word.  And beyond.


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