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Unsung Heroes Posted 9.12.2013

Unsung heroes.  They don’t make any headlines.  They don’t capture the attention of the mass media.  Hey, they don’t even get a standing ovation in church on Sunday morning.  But, there are a slew of unsung heroes sitting all around you this morning.  Of course, if I listed them here I would fall into one of a couple of traps.  I would overlook a few I’m sure.  And, I would risk tarnishing motives that are so very pure.


But this church is full of unsung heroes.  Who are they?  Better yet, what do they do?

I’m sure I missed something near and dear to your heart.  But know that just because I don’t see it, there is One who is watching.  There is One who never forgets, never misses a thing – Who loves us more than anyone else.  May the grace of God and the service of others bring a moment of joy to your morning.  May we enjoy the goodness of God every day of our lives.  God is good.  Just watch His people.


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