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Ups and Downs Posted 9.19.2014

It has been a bit of a momentous week around this church family.  There have been some incredible high points, and some moments of stunning silence….and prayer.  Just another week to serve the King around here.  There’s no better to do that, by the way!


As we gear up for our big grad REMEMBER event next weekend, we are anticipating a wonderful evening of looking back and reflecting on the journey of these past fifty years together.  That is an amazing milestone – and I can’t wait to spend the evening together reflecting on the faithfulness of God and the blessings that have come from following Him for so long.


On Wednesday the staff tried a new place for lunch.  It may be a little far for a regular trek, but we ventured out, beyond the boundaries of the Hill to experience fine dining – and a huge line.  Hani Nachef opened his Jersey Mike’s restaurant this week – to rave reviews and long, long lines.  I know.  I stood in them. 

Twice.  Hani has been working on this for I think at least a year, and it is sure wonderful to see him beaming as he cuts up some more meat and cheese for that next sandwich. 


From now on, we’ll just have to ask to see if he’s kept all his fingers!  He sliced a lot of sandwiches this week. A lot.  If you are anywhere near Artesia and Western – you’ll have to stop in to the best Jersey Mike’s around.  The place is really great, Hani.  Well done.  May God get all the honor as you serve Him in Gardena.

And then there was the news out of the Junkermann family.  Heartbreaking – but hopeful.  The next few months will be an adventure for them.  They will need our prayers and our love and our support as they walk through this trial in their family.


And then there is Bill Sanders.  Struggling each day, and soon to be home in glory.  At 99, that’s not a bad option – but still, the transition is heart-wrenching for his bride and their family.  So the week has had some highlights, and some struggles.  But such is life in the Body.


As we face those mountains and valleys, may we never forget that God is good all the time.  And all the time, God is good.  It’s not just when the crowds are out the door of our brand new restaurant that we see the goodness of God.  But it is also when the doctor brings devastating news.  And, when we celebrate a significant milestone together.  May we never forget that God is good.  And His love for us endures forever.  Just because we can’t see it today – we will see it tomorrow.  And the day after.  Or next week.  May we look for the hand of the Lord in the land of the living – and when we do, may we lift our voices in praise to the King.  He is good.  All the time.


Now, let’s get ready to party for God!  Today.

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