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Water, Water Everywhere Posted 3.14.2014

Normal.  What I wouldn’t do for just one day of normal again. 


Of course, if you read the Back Page last week, you’ll know I struggled for an idea since the week had just been too -- “normal.”  But last Sunday, normal vanished, with one pull of a plug.  The plug was out and the flood came.  Literally.


We enjoyed a wonderful morning of worship together -- the baptisms were amazing and, as I went up to wrap up the service, the air was filled with the odor of food trucks.  Great day.  And then, that plug.


Almost as an afterthought, just before coming downstairs for lunch, I pulled the plug on the baptistery.  By the time I made it downstairs and out into the parking lot (with my mouth watering for lunch) there was sewage in the cross hall and volcanic eruptions from every toilet and drain downstairs.  I knew immediately what the problem was – so I scurried back upstairs and plugged the drain in the baptistery.  The deluge receded.  But the consequences remained. 


With water and scum floating down the hall, the stench followed quickly.  It was hardly an appetizing environment for someone to enjoy lunch.  The scramble was on.  So you see, a little normal would have been really nice.  Of course, it had to be on Sunday afternoon, when I’m exhausted and drained myself. I sent an emergency text to our custodian, Angel, who came over right away (as soon as he learned the proper translation for “ASAP”).  He was here until 9 pm, cleaning up the debris from eight toilets and a janitor’s sink and several floor drains.  It was one smelly, wet mess.  But he hung in there.  I’m sure he longed for a little normal even more than I ever could.


This week, we cleaned the carpets downstairs and listened to the roar of fans making sure everything was dried out.  It was somewhat annoying, but that’s all it was.


So what’s the point?  Now, the flood didn’t happen just because I needed some fodder for a Back Page (as some suggested).  It didn’t happen because of some sin in the camp (as we may naturally conclude).  It didn’t happen to disrupt the food truck lunch (why would God want to discourage fellowship?).  At least I can’t definitively draw such conclusions.  It happened because too much water was injected into a system with a slight drainage issue.  200 gallons of water attempting to reach the ocean can be a rather daunting exercise for slowly draining pipe. 


So in that situation, I don’t look to blame God or discover some hidden lesson from God.  Instead, I look to God.  He still loves us.  He’s still leading us.  There are no promises for ease in life, but there are promises of struggle.  So God keeps His promise.  We love him, because He still loves us.  I learn some patience.  I learn how the body is suppose to function – you see, those unseemly parts are really quite necessary.  In all, we continue to worship God.  Too much analysis can cripple, it is always time to just press on.


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