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Water, Water...Everywhere Posted 1.08.2016

El Nino has arrived.  Just as predicted.  Weather prognostication in SoCal is more art than science, it seems sometimes.  Our church facility doesn’t do well with water either. Many years ago, the boiler room flooded – clear into the choir room and the closet in the office.  The preschool rooms used to flood rather regularly.  There was a pesky leak in the bell tower.  The arrival of El Nino brings adventure.


As El Nino gathered strength, we prepared.  There wasn’t too much to do, our remodeling projects have solved most issues.  Most.  This week, however, the new storeroom below the lobby restrooms sprung a leak.  And I don’t mean a dribble down the wall (I was excepting that), but a spigot-like leak.


The water pools outside in a low spot near the sprinkler valves.  And God made water to find the path of least resistance, with an inner drive to avoid evaporation at all costs.  So the water found a path through the brick walls and into our storeroom.  It was not going the evaporation root if it could help it.  It created a mess.  Not a huge mess, but a mess nonetheless.


Bruce was the hero and went and bought some black goop to plug the hole.  Well, holes, actually. We had conquered the water, or so we thought.  But as is the nature of water, it continued its tireless search for that path of least resistance and created a new “spout” into the storeroom.   Through the black goop. We will now bring in the big guns.


Living in an arid climate, we know the precious value of water.  If you travel in the Middle East, you discover that where there is water there is life – and civilization develops.  So in our parched corner of the world, the rain is a great gift from God.  And it has some lessons for us, in spite of its destructive power.


Water is an amazing symbol of our deliverance from sin.  Paul says that God has provided salvation through the washing of rebirth (Titus 3:5).  Water.  I thought about that verse this week as water made its way through the ground and through the brick wall and through the black goop.  It refused to be evaporated.  It was persistent.  But while that doesn’t thrill me, I am grateful that God has washed me with that same persistent water (figuratively).  A water that searches every nook and cranny in which I hide my rebellion and brings cleansing.  Forgiveness.  God washes it is all away.  With persistence and determination.


In the hands of God, water washes every smidgen of my sin away.  My sin, not in part, but the whole.  That’s what water does; it searches a way – any way – to keep cleansing.  That’s what God does.  Give thanks for the painful characteristics of water – because God acts just like it. I need water to wash me clean in every nook and cranny of life.  So this winter, learn from the waters of El Nino.  And, as we discover God – let’s worship Him together.

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