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We Can Change Posted 4.21.2017

I may have moved a bit slower this week (due to some exhaustion), the steps that were taken were much lighter than usual.  Resurrection weekend was truly fabulous.  The Lord was honored and I couldn’t have been more thrilled to be your pastor.  The staff and ministry leaders worked extremely long and hard to put together an especially meaningful weekend.  From Friday evenings Lord’s Table in the round to Sunday morning’s services of joy and celebration – it was all amazing.  There is not much I would have changed.  There were decisions to trust Christ. There was joy in the air.  There were reminders all around that though we face one last battle with death, death loses.  We have victory in Jesus.


Thank you for an amazing weekend.  I’m still on a spiritual high.


Of course, now I face the challenge of a brand-new sermon series. These opening Sundays are a fresh start for me, with some pressure to get you as excited as I am about the new series.  This time, however, I’m not so sure I’m all that excited.  I’m only half serious.  The series we launch this morning is all about change.  Biblical change.  How it works, what it looks like, and is it really possible to achieve?


We will plough some hard ground in the weeks ahead.  Painful ground at times.  Why?  Because the world looks at life-change without the lens of the Bible.  So sometimes I will seem like a crazy man.  But let’s just honestly open the Scriptures and see what they say.  Then do what they say.  It is possible to be godly just by reading the Bible.  I mean, people have done that for thousands of years.


But the question you should ask the old preacher is this:  in a series on change, what are you going to change?  That’s a great question, of which the answer is none of your business.  Well, that’s not completely true.  During my preparation for this morning, I learned some things.  And though the change I need is clear to all (you’ve hinted at it enough), my motivation is easily selfish.  And so the goal could be achieved without an increase in godliness.  And that would be a waste of time. 


My change will be to regain a healthier lifestyle, but this series will force me into a fresh examination (and my prayer is that it will force you too) of my heart.  You look at your heart, I’ll look at mine.  What you should see is a slimmer waistline, but what I should see is heart beating more for God.

We can change.  We must change.  But we must do it the right way for the right reasons – otherwise the change won’t make an eternal impact. Sometimes what we think we need to change is just the tip of the iceberg.  Are you ready to see how deep that iceberg really is?


The road ahead is frought with peril.  Let’s pray for each other and continue to enjoy this journey through life.  Together.


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